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Marched High School and college. Worked as a marching technique instructor and color guard coordinator. I've worked as a contest judge, as well. I'm a huge DCI fan; at least until they start using the electronics. Then, all bets are off until I see how far they're going to take it. My MML judging philosophy focuses HEAVILY on whether the drill is realistic or not.

MML Accomplishments:
First full production created on micromarching. Here's the link:


Parade of Champions Spring 2009:
--George Zingali Award For Best Innovation - Class AAAA with Ricardo Cervantes, hlid, Adrian Caswell
--Best Emotional Impact Award - Class AAAA with ClarinetFreak and Landry Kendrik (MrBill)
--Superior Honorable Mention - Class AAAA with iPlayDaTuba
Title   Published Likes
PHANTastique: Mvt. I P Jun '12 13
F i r e b i r d P Apr '11 27
100Kool P Oct '10 85
Fire of Eternal Glory P Jun '10 14
Fire Dance P Jun '10 42
Joyful, Joyful - Finale P Jul '09 17
Joyful Joyful P Jul '09 14
A Hymnsong-Phillip Bliss P Jul '09 22
Mighty Fortress-Take 2-3 P Jul '09 10
Mighty Fortress-Take2-2 P Jul '09 12
Mighty Fortress-Take 2-1 P Jun '09 12
Mvt. 1 The Gathering (pt. 3) P Jun '09 17
Mvt. 1 The Gathering (pt. 2) P Jun '09 12
Mvt. 1 The Gathering (pt. 1) P May '09 13
Gavorkna Fanfare - synced P Apr '09 10
Gavorkna Fanfare Pt. 1 P Apr '09 2
Pagliacci pt. 2 P Apr '09 15
Pagliacci pt. 1 P Apr '09 5
Act 2 - The Ballad P Apr '09 6
Act 1 Scene 2 P Apr '09 9
Act 1 Scene 1 P Apr '09 13
Operatic Prologue P Apr '09 19
Pictures @ an Exhibition2 P Apr '09 13
Pictures At Exhibiton 1 P Mar '09 10
Spirit of the Bull P Mar '09 16
The End of the Beginning   Mar '09 22
Guess Who I Sampled?   Dec '08 17
The Sun God   Dec '08 5
Gavorkna   Nov '08 18
Methods of Madness   Nov '08 7

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