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AEA, always.

WIP: From Dust To Dust

Top Rated Shows: The Crown (7.9), Daylight (7.9), Be (7.9), Pride (7.9)

~ Avecmoi / Notramour ~

POE - Pride of Excellence Colorguard - 1st Place
IASC - June Qualifying Tournament - 1st Place
SMCC - Smokey Mountain Conference - 1st Place
BOTBC - Battle of the Band Classic III - 2nd Place
TCI - Tournament of Champions - 2nd Place
AOEC - Show of Excellence III - 3rd Place
MBCC - Grand National Finale - 3rd Place

~ Competitions ~

UDC Grand Champions:
Paramount Tournament - The Eagles (Dan95) - Celestial Journey
Facultas Competition - Crown (jascbr) - Steampunk
Back To School Beatdown - The Elites (Marching Turtle) - Angels In The Pyramids

UWG Grand Champions:
Silk Showdown - Fathom Indoor, Fathom X (Samba Eagle) - The Hidden, Innocence Lost
Flag FaceOff - Eternal Glory (massexodus) - Circus Under the Stars
Title   Published Likes
The Crown P May '17 21
Nyctophobia P Dec '16 7
Exprexions P Nov '16 18
Pride P Jun '16 12
Soleil P Jun '16 12
Coma2ose P Jun '16 6
Ascension P Apr '16 3
I Don't Want Heaven P Apr '16 3
INK P Apr '16 2
The Stone Garden P Apr '16 14
Greener Pastures P Dec '15 7
Suburbia P Dec '15 3
Coven P Nov '15 4
Be P Nov '15 9
Amor Sui P Sep '15 13
We Come In Peace P Jul '15 5
The Binary P Jul '15 13
Torch P Jul '15 1
Latrodectus P Jul '15 6
Pioneer P Jun '15 5
eXperiment P Jun '15 3
Daylight P Jun '15 16
Love Thy Neighbor P Jun '15 5
Tree Nymph P May '15 8
HTML P May '15 2
A Midwinter Night's Dream P Apr '15 11
Cathedral P Mar '15 10
Void P Feb '15 5
Over the Garden Wall P Feb '15 6
Rapture of the Deep P Jan '15 7

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Under the Black Flag
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Letters to Home
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The Center of Darkness
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The Composition of Color
by Joel Snyder
Area 51
by Daniel V
The Art of Obscurity
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Rose-Colored Glass
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A Technicolor Anniversary
by Caperraticus
by Zach Elliott
Side X Side
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by jacuzz4
Canvas by Oinky dokee
Charleston by SteveJF
Farbenglut Towers by AltoRawker
Enigma by SteveJF
Make It Our Own by Willie Careri
Emerge by JaredKlemm
The Beat My Heart Skipped by KeenanBurton
Drums in a Gym by Tony Mencio
Voice of Promise by walrus50
Under the Black Flag by SteveJF
Snow White by AaronVallero
The Legacy by royalDM
Beautiful Asymmetry by LKendrick
On the Great Divide by LKendrick
T | E | N by Starfruit1
Outside In by JaredKlemm
Speakeasy by Trillz4Lyfe
Deforestation by JaredKlemm
D R E A M by Cl4ssyCl4rinet
When Fall and Winter Meet by Cl4ssyCl4rinet
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