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I'm not really that active on this site anymore, but I will still pop in from time to time to look at the forums. Feel free to check out some of my old shows ^.^

I'm a lot more active on dA if you want to talk to me there (which would be much easier) --->
Title   Published Likes
Right-Bound   Jun '17 7
In the Center of it All   May '17 18
Monster Under the Field   Apr '17 13
Stream of Consciousness   Mar '17 17
Oh look, a show   Feb '17 5
Hi There   Mar '15 19
4'33"   Aug '13 12
Just Another Tuesday   Jul '13 30
*   May '13 15
Prestissimo!   Apr '13 21
Finals P Mar '13 35
I'm Sorry, Peter. P Dec '12 20
Left to Right   Nov '12 7
Marching Season is Here!   Oct '12 24
Field on Fire   Sep '12 13
Kaleidoscope of Destiny   Jul '12 21
@.@   May '12 46
Fellowship of the RAWR   Apr '12 74
March(ing) Madness!   Mar '12 20
Simple Times   Feb '12 15
Basically Basic   Jan '12 9
The Spectrum P Dec '11 17
This is Fun! P Dec '11 19
Cuatro Años P Dec '11 25
NaNoWriMo P Nov '11 7
Symmetry yrtemmyS P Oct '11 42
2012 Conspiracy-Verified! P Sep '11 81
SMILE P Sep '11 43
Contralicious P Aug '11 9
The Devil's Escalator P Aug '11 35

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1. 33rd Hall of Famer on MML. This was obtained on September 10, 2010 at 2:02AM

2. My expression after receiving a hgh score on a show.

3. Ben, my cute and cuddly main character from my 2012 NaNoWriMo "Ben's Story." I’ll soon provide a link to a short summary if you’re curious.