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Sophomore at Flower Mound High School in Flower Mound Texas, favorite drum corps is for sure Blue Knights (Bluecoats is a close second.)
Title   Published Likes
Back To Square One P Feb '17 6
Centered P Jan '17 5
Opposites Attract P Jan '17 1
Voice Of Promise P Jan '17 3
Force Of Nature P Dec '16 2
The Human Aspect mvmt 3-4 P Nov '16 2
The Human Aspect mvt 1-2 P Nov '16 0
just for fun P Oct '16 2
More bass P Oct '16 6
The Great Event P Sep '16 4
Relentless (opener) P Sep '16 3
Abduction P Sep '16 7
The Big Jump P Sep '16 1
Downside Up P Jul '16 1
Show-Off P Jul '16 5
Circus P Jul '16 2
The X Factor P Jul '16 4
The Power Of Ten P Jun '16 6
Follow Me P Jun '16 1
Because... P Jun '16 0
V For Vendetta P Jun '16 2
Riff P Jun '16 0
Brain(washed) P Jun '16 2
Test-Test, 1-2-3 P Jun '16 1
Power of 3 P May '16 1
Inferno part 2 P May '16 0
Star Wars P Apr '16 7
Through Space & Time P Apr '16 4
Cloud City P Apr '16 3
Inferno P Apr '16 3

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