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*The Elites*

(I like and am always happy to receive feedback on any of my shows!)

Hey! These are some things about me. I am 17 years old and I play the trumpet! I'm currently a senior in high school. I have had 4 years of marching experience. I love writing drill even though I'm not a professional at it.
Title   Published Likes
Revival P Oct '17 8
Shattered P Sep '17 20
Void 3 P Sep '16 12
Void 2 P Sep '16 13
Void P Jul '16 27
Xperiment P Jun '16 16
Blue Depth P Mar '16 30
Muse P Feb '16 16
Create P Feb '16 16
Trapped P Jan '16 33
Ominous Vortex P Dec '15 14
Tranquil P Dec '15 8
Stars P Dec '15 26
Ti/t P Dec '15 12
Golden P Nov '15 16
Yin Yang P Oct '15 24
~D~R~E~A~M~ P Oct '15 16
Through The Black Holes P Oct '15 24
! P Sep '15 15
City of Wind P Sep '15 20
I n f e r n o P Aug '15 27
Dynamic! P Jul '15 9
Angels In The Pyramids Mvt3 P Jul '15 42
Blossom P Jun '15 13
Angels In The Pyramids Mvt2 P May '15 10
A Starry Night P Apr '15 12
Ignite P Apr '15 9
Angels in The Pyramids P Apr '15 20
RevolvedRevolutions Mvt2 P Apr '15 1
In Ancient Architecture P Apr '15 16

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Phantom Planet Redux by Mojo
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Brave New World Revisited by walrus50
Im.Possible by Estaroyale
Psyche: The Human Soul by Estaroyale
When a Tree Falls by Estaroyale
Art Obsession by KeenanBurton
Concussion by 98farmer
For3ver by Willie Careri
Red Alert by Mojo
Wave~~ by Crazy Pineapple
Ode to Crown v3.0 by Mojo
Ecstasy of Gold Remix by Mojo
Inferno by bingo
Sparks of Lust by Estaroyale
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Carolina Crown's 2015 show Inferno, will always be first place to me.

Woah, favorite show of 2016!

One of my favorite shows from 2017