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My real name is Alex. I marched with my high school, Mission Viejo High School, Mission Viejo, CA. I did marching band 2012-2015 (Class of 2016), and I loved every moment of it. I am currently a student at The Berklee College of Music.

2012 Freshman- Alto Sax/ "A Wonderful World"/ 3rd in State (A few weeks before finals)
2013 Sophomore- Tenor Sax/ "Shine"/ 3rd in State (Finals)
2014 Junior- Tenor Sax/ "Dystopia" (Based on 1984)/ 3rd in State Box-5 95.30 (Prelims)- we had an electronics error in the opener and it messed up everyone haha (Finals)
2015 Senior-Tenor Sax/WoodWind Sargent/Band President/ "Everest"/ 10th in State...stupid show

I am a huge drum corps fan (I love most drum corps, but specifically Phantom Regiment, Crown, and Bluecoats)
I believe in realism over entertainment, whether a show is premium or not it doesn't matter to its score, creativity and theme is a must, and speed of drill does not matter because music put to drill will change the speed.
1-3 needs a lot of work
4-5 great job just a few errors to fix
6-7 Great show(a more entertaining 5 with better story, less errors, or cleaner)
8-10 WOW Just Wow (not only technically stunning but must be entertaining)
Title   Published Likes
The Procession   Mar '17 7
Equinox   Dec '16 8
The Blue River (Finale)   Apr '15 17
Green Hills of Summer   Feb '15 7
MML 7th   Dec '14 4
The 2nd Archives   Dec '14 6
Power Struggle   Nov '14 11
Sun Drops   Sep '14 4
Capsule   Sep '14 8
Felliniesque   Sep '14 19
The Blue River (Ballad)   Aug '14 7
Open the Gate   May '14 2
Formations   May '14 11
The Dividing Line   Apr '14 1
Symphony of Hope   Mar '14 4
The re:re:Rite of Spring   Mar '14 7
Unstoppable   Feb '14 7
The Order   Feb '14 3
To The Sky's   Feb '14 0
Fly Me To the Moon   Jan '14 5
A Day at the Movies   Jan '14 3
It's Time for Change   Jan '14 3
MML 6th   Jan '14 1
Pyramids   Jan '14 2
Snow Structures   Jan '14 1
Four   Jan '14 0
A Different Kind of Bird   Jan '14 3
The Archives   Jan '14 2

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1ST, Me at 8th grade night warm-up Junior year 2ND, Give someone a hug today. The last one is band geek humor.