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Hello, my name is Logan Frandsen. I am a sophomore trumpet player in Phoenix, Arizona. The corps I direct in competition are the Running Rhapsody Marching Band and the Harmonium Drum Corps.

I'm learning snare as well, and hope to get better at it and play it as a hobby.

I compete in competitions in the MML forums, sponsored by experienced members of the community.

Congrats Bluecoats 2016! Wooooo

Have a great experience here on MML! Feel free to critique shows from January 2016 or later. On the contrary, I will critique any newcomers who want advice on their shows. :)
Title   Published Likes
Death Takes Us All P Today 0
Planar Shifting   Jan '17 0
Ode To Joy P Jan '17 3
Ethereal, Mvt. 1 P Dec '16 3
First Circle P Dec '16 3
Christmas! P Nov '16 4
Rebellion P Nov '16 4
Insomnia P Nov '16 4
Astronomical Force V2.0 P Nov '16 25
Making A Presence P Nov '16 11
Conveyor P Oct '16 9
Uncertain P Sep '16 10
The Sound of Music P Sep '16 7
Love's Feeling, Mvt. 2 P Jul '16 3
Love's Feeling, Mvt. 1 P Jul '16 10
The Enlightenment P Jul '16 5
Paradise P Jul '16 8
Cascade P Jul '16 2
The Art of Villainy Mvt 2 P Jun '16 1
The Art of Villainy Mvt 1 P May '16 9
Motherly Love P May '16 0
Blaze P Apr '16 3
Jewel P Apr '16 5
Kinetic Noise, Part 1 P Mar '16 9
C418, Mvt. 4: Taswell P Mar '16 0
Concrete Halls (C418 P3) P Mar '16 0
C418, Mvt. 2: Chirp P Mar '16 1
C418, Mvt. 1: Alpha P Feb '16 1
Moog City P Feb '16 6
Relentless P Jan '16 2

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