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Hi, I'm Kiran. I'm 20 years old and I am a fan of all things drum corps. I was a former member of the Bridgewater-Raritan High School marching band, and I now attend Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia. Although I am no longer in high school, I nevertheless loosely follow the BOA competitive season, and I also follow the DCI competitive season to an even greater degree. I appreciate what all eras of drum corps have had to offer, and I hope to see the activity move in a positive direction that maintains its integrity, as well as its entertaining aspect for the fans.

8/22/12: I am now ranked Pro! :D
5/5/13: Featured on the front page of MML!
Title   Published Likes
Renewal   Jan '18 15
Abridged   Dec '14 3
War   Dec '13 10
Who Do You Love?   Nov '13 2
Cadets vs Crown   May '13 12
Sail Away   Mar '13 2
A   Feb '13 4
Odd and Even   Jan '13 1
Angled   Jan '13 4
Box   Jan '13 2
Crowns   Jan '13 5
2013: A New Year   Jan '13 3
Apocalyptic   Dec '12 3
Auburn Regiment   Dec '12 2
Smooth as Silk   Nov '12 0
Flow   Nov '12 0
Redemption   Oct '12 4
YGC: Part 2   Sep '12 3
007   Aug '12 6
12.25 Closer   Aug '12 0
DCI 40   Aug '12 10
We're Gold and Green   Aug '12 2
Incomplete   Jul '12 0
Pacifica   Jun '12 3
Christmas in the Summer   Jun '12 1
Ripples   Jun '12 1
Greetings from Hell   May '12 3
A King's Jewel   May '12 2
In New Jersey   May '12 5
Think Outside the Box   May '12 2

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