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King Darius

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Hi! I'm Darius and I am a senior in high school. I am really passionate about music and the marching arts. :) I hope to become a member of a drum corps very soon.
When judging shows, I look specifically at creativity, flow, and feasibility.
Group: Tennesee Regiment
Title   Published Likes
When Light Fades to Gray P Feb '17 27
Stand Out, Be Bold! P Jul '16 16
MCDC P Jun '16 27
A Writer's Block P Apr '16 23
Happy Easter! P Mar '16 3
A Drum Corps Valentine P Feb '16 11
Expand P Jan '16 3
Carolina Crown Impact P Jan '16 4
Aliens! P Jan '16 12
Rewind P Dec '15 5
Happy 8th! P Dec '15 9
Gone   Oct '15 2
Faster! Faster! Faster!   Apr '15 2
7even   Dec '14 0
Closing Drill   Aug '14 0
Drill Drill Drill   May '14 9
The Love of My Life   Apr '14 4
Toxic   Mar '14 3
Divided   Feb '14 1
Bubbles   Jan '14 4
MML Love   Dec '13 1
Don't Miss the Cut-off   Oct '13 0
Its Been a While   Oct '13 0
Oddball   Feb '13 2
Team Contra   Jan '13 0
Christmas Morning   Dec '12 1
Evolution   Dec '12 0
The Race   Dec '12 1
Circle Art   Nov '12 0
Infection   Nov '12 0

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-Phantom Regiment is my dream corps
-Action shot from my senior year
-I really like this picture