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The Beat My Heart Skipped P Jun '17 20
Turandot P Apr '17 21
Force of Nature P Oct '16 57
Houdini P Aug '16 39
Kinetic Noise P Feb '16 60
The Fate of Fishing Bait P Jan '16 18
Glued, Unzipped, Smashed P Dec '15 15
Origins   Dec '15 27
Where the Heart Is P Jan '15 73
Art Obsession P May '14 41
6 P Jan '14 34
Side X Side P Dec '13 70
The One   Oct '13 65
Purgatory P Mar '13 65
Inferno P Dec '12 65
Convergence P Oct '12 17
Native P Oct '12 126
Breakthrough P Sep '12 159
T A K E N   Jul '12 40
A Not So Basic Basic Show   Apr '12 32
>< X Marks the spot ><   Dec '11 23
The Journey of One   Nov '11 22
Tenor Take Over   Nov '11 6
Synecdoche   Sep '11 23
A Driving Force   Aug '11 16
In Medias Res   Jul '11 11
Something New   Jul '11 15
Bātissez-vous!   May '11 9
Starry Starry Night   Dec '10 16
Unity   Nov '10 12

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10,000 B.C.
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The Eruption
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by tellz
The Ascent
by LKendrick
by pedazos
Triple Crown
by Craig Juergens
We Are the Future
by pedazos
Make It Our Own by Willie Careri
Unlimited by cphsdjb
Synopsis of Color by AltoRawker
Doable? by sean carter
Right-Bound by Matthew Allan
Semblance by Danger Dan
Creation of Man by royalDM
Historia Noctem by royalDM
When Life is Gone by royalDM
Enjoy the Silence by royalDM
Echoes of a Heart by ryzemusic
Chaos on the Brain by qpark
inSPIRE by royalDM
To Defy the Gods by royalDM
Push by royalDM
The Future is When? by royalDM
Pippin by parhillsb
Urgent! by Jeffrey Koehn
Madness by musichamp
The Caverns by loganrf14
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