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PROFESSIONAL drill writer for 30 years.
Numerous undefeated seasons and bands.
I Have marched 5 years in "real" drum corps [G bugles], taught Drum corps, marching band and winter guard and also indoor drumline [And parade units, if you also want to include them].
* creative and flowing ORIGINAL drill should always score higher than same ole, same ole box cutter drill. If we've been there before and seen that, well then we've been there before AND seen that!
* being unique in design is what "we" strive for in this art form.
* imitation might be a sign of acceptance but be careful not to lose YOUR identity.
* create your OWN identity, follow your OWN path to design.
*** transitions will make or break you, simple and clear as that.
! Strive for realistic shows.
* when writing sets you have to remember where you were before you think
about where you're going.
+ structural integrity is the basis of sound drill
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