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Started off in '87 till '91 with Jubal drumcorps, did colorguard in the winter of '89
( Jubal),'92 ( Art Development, and first dutch unit to compete in the USA) , and '97 ( Jubal ), judged colorguard GE for a couple of years in two circuits in holland ( CGN/ CBSD).
Designed the Dutch NBTA silver medal colorguard show in 2007, and assisted the kopergirls in 2009 to become rookie NBTA dutch champion, followed by a NBTA world title in the same year, so that was quiet an entrance!

In MML judging: if you spend 20 minutes to create a show, or did'nt rewatch what happened on the field, i'll probably will reward your show with a 3 or less...

Right now i am not designing that much, in fact, i haven't created anything oveer more than a year, but i will be back!
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The Amsterdam project P Mar '18 0
The empty chair remains P Feb '18 14
Re: Tilt P Nov '17 9
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the whole / split-up P Sep '17 12
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wright in my blackness P Mar '12 10
Quadrology III: Rach Star P Dec '11 16
Quadrology II: Aphrodite P Dec '11 14
Quadrology: Anne F P Dec '11 14
To read between the lines P Aug '11 48
Space Fantasy P Jul '11 23
pinkquisition P Jun '11 8
The steps we take... P May '11 17
Kiss: Alive V P Apr '11 25
The Diary of Anne Franck P Mar '11 23
The rain shall fall P Mar '11 24
(Not) another lovestory P Feb '11 20
Trizonen P Jan '11 30
possabilities of limits P Jan '11 10
Best wishes! P Dec '10 13
The Flood P Dec '10 15
A Clockwork orange P Nov '10 37
Pure Fantasy P Nov '10 3
100K most popular visuals P Oct '10 26
Concerto in glue P Oct '10 8
Ministry of sound P Sep '10 124

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