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Hi, I'm Joe and I created MML, including all of the programming and graphics. I currently work at Netflix as a user interface engineer.

Drum corps experience: Pioneer snareline '92, '93, '94


Be excellent to each other, and make awesome stuff!
Title   Published Likes
DML: How to Make a Star P Nov '12 15
Summer Sprint P Jun '11 11
To Tame the Perilous Seas P May '11 19
Shine! P Apr '11 23
Little Stars in a Big Sky P Aug '10 38
Tribute to DCI 2010 P Aug '10 58
~~ Grow ~~ P Jan '10 292
The Big Cheese P Dec '09 19
When? When? When?   Mar '09 28
Mix n Match   Jan '09 3
Like, Dude!   Feb '09 36
Love Love, Love Love   Jul '08 11
Crazy CONTRAptions   Jun '08 19
Radioactive   Apr '08 48
Pythagorean Dream   Feb '08 17
Waterworks   Jan '08 64
Fellowship of the Ring   Jan '08 24
I'm Feeling Lucky   Dec '07  
Snakes & Arrows   Dec '07  
Diamonds   Dec '07  

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