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Welcome to my profile, my name is Jon-Michael and I play the alto sax.

Some of the few hobbies I like to do is watch you tube, cook, and play music.

Some of my favorite high school marching bands are: Broken arrow, Tarpon Springs, Leander, Hebron and of course my band ( although we are nothing compared to those guys) but we are still very good.

I have only been in marching band in for 2 years now but I've been in band for 5 years now.

If you want to check out my band, you can look it up on you tube. Just type Lumberton Mighty Raider Band and click on a video. We are an awarding band. When we go to a contest, we usually get 1st or second place. Sadly on October 23, 2016 the day after our last contest (which was Mcneese Showdown at sundown contest where we got 2nd runner up with best music overall out of 27 bands from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.) We found out that we were missing 75 THOUSAND dollars from our booster club bank.(not going to explain why) We were devastated, but that did not stop us. Within a couple days, we were doing fundraisers to try to bring back the money. Since then, we have almost got all the money back. I hope that y'all have a great day...and I'm out! Bye
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