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i love making my own shows. my marching experience are i marched at center hill high school then northwest community college and now for the Famous Maroon Band at Mississippi state university. i know most shows use gaurds but honesty i jst want to use instrument and drumline and because i dont know how to put a guard together and probably dont feel like to. but i hope you all like my shows and unlike any other people on here. i do my shows in 4 parts
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Darkness and light pt4 P 8 days ago 0
Darkness and light pt3 P Sep '17 0
Darkness and light pt2 P Sep '17 0
Darkness and light P Sep '17 0
Nevermore pt4 P Sep '17 0
Nevermore pt3 P Aug '17 0
Nevermore pt2 P Aug '17 0
Nevermore P Aug '17 1
conquer pt 4 P Aug '17 1
conquer pt 3 P Aug '17 2
conquer pt 2 P Aug '17 3
conquer P Aug '17 2
HONOR pt4 P Aug '17 1
HONOR pt3 P Aug '17 0
HONOR pt2 P Aug '17 2
HONOR P Aug '17 2
Borderline pt 4 P Jul '17 3
Borderline pt 3 P Jul '17 1
Borderline pt 2 P Jul '17 2
Borderline P Jul '17 2
fire in the storm pt 4 P Jul '17 2
fire in the storm pt 3 P Jul '17 3
fire in the storm pt 2 P Jul '17 2
fire in the storm P Jul '17 3
shine on pt 4 P Feb '17 4
shine on pt 3 P Feb '17 5
shine on pt 2 P Feb '17 3
shine on P Feb '17 10
Restless pt 4 P Jan '17 3
Restless pt 3 P Jan '17 2

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