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Jeffrey Koehn

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My name is Jeff and I marched with the Madison Scouts back in
89-90 in the Eupho/Bari section. I have always tinkered around with drill - mostly doing sketches while listening to my favotie music.
Once I discovered this site, I've really learned alot
about transitions, staging and flow.
I like to write shows that have good effects, but also
are pleasing to the eye and have alot of "pictures".

My favorite corps are Madison (of course) Santa Clara, Cadets, Blue Devils, Crown, Cavaliers, Phantom...pretty much all corps.

My judging philosophy: I look for shows that have smooth transitions,
good execution (clean with minimal colissions), realistic moves that members could handle in real life, good variety in movement and spacing, and strong effects that
have the "Wow" factor.
Title   Published Likes
Psycho Circus P 3 days ago 1
The Winter Palace P Feb '17 1
Dom Pedro's Revenge P Jan '17 1
After Dinner Mint P Jan '17 6
Romulan Sunrise P Jan '17 14
Looking Back on Earth P Jan '17 8
On Through the Night P Jan '17 12
Peace of Mind   Dec '16 7
Power Slave P Dec '16 8
Tilt, Pan, Zoom P Dec '16 8
Chase the Blues Away P Dec '16 16
The Golden Age of Dreams P Dec '16 14
Moving Pictures P Nov '16 12
Red Barchetta P Nov '16 11
Integrity P Nov '16 10
Bird and Bella in Bb P Oct '16 15
Mediterranean Sundance P Oct '16 11
Harp Concerto P Oct '16 6
Ballet Sacra P Sep '16 7
Into the Ethereal Realm P Sep '16 20
Dancing with The Light P Aug '16 14
All That Remains P Aug '16 5
Fire and Ice P Jul '16 10
Instantly P Jul '16 4
Incrimental P Jul '16 5
One Night in Bangkok P Jun '16 3
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow... P Jun '16 10
The Riviera Affair P Jun '16 7
Pines of Rome P May '16 5
Mars - The Bringer of War P May '16 19

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