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Started marching at 12, aged out in '79 with Phantom Regiment. Marched 2+ years with the Kingsmen Alumni Corps. I am more in to shows, than corps. If I like the show, it doesn't matter who the corps is. Style? None, I'm so "Old Skool" my shows are a joke here.

Judging philosophy - Play music (melodies) not just a random selection of notes that happen to fit with the "breakneck" visual move you want to do.
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Silence P 6 days ago 0
Fight Song   Jul '17 3
Words   Jul '17 4
Nothin   May '17 4
PTO 2   Apr '17 6
PTO 1   Apr '17 3
RHS   Apr '17 4
Batter Up   Apr '17 3
Words   Feb '17 6
Words   Feb '17 4
Scars II   Jan '17 3
The Holiday   Jan '17 6
Scars   Jun '16 3
#3   Sep '14 0
#2   Sep '14 0
Part 1   Sep '14 0
Me messing around   Aug '14 0
The Stage I   May '14 2
Forget Me Not!   Oct '10 15
Under The Rainbow!   May '09 7
Vanishing Act!   Dec '08 11

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