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Jason Kaz

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Hello there! I'm Jason Kazmierski and here's a little bit about me.

I am currently a brother of the Sigma Nu chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity. OAS AAS LLS! I have resided in MI my whole life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I have always loved music and I started playing saxophone in the 5th grade, I still play today. I marched all four years in high school and the love of the marching arts has not left me.

Another big passion in my life is the game of golf. I have played for years and I am actually studying to become a PGA golf professional.

I am the proud owner/founder of Jason Kazmierski Designs. Feel free to check me out on Facebook and at my website.


I have followed DCI for several years and I am a huge fan of the activity. I have seen many shows throughout the years, so here is a list of my top ten all time favorite DCI Shows:
-Bluecoats 2015 - Kinetic Noise
-Carolina Crown 2009 - The Grass is Always Greener
-Blue Devils 2009 - 1930
-Blue Knights 2014 - That One Second
-Cavaliers 2005 - My Kind of Town
-Carolina Crown 2012 - For the Common Good
-Cavaliers 2010 - Mad World
-Madison Scouts 2011 - A New York Morning
-Madison Scouts 2013 - Corps of Brothers
-Cavaliers 2002 - Frameworks
-Cavaliers 2006 - Machine
-Bluecoats 2014 - TILT

Some personal achievements for me on this site include these shows being in the top shows of a given month.

-Something New-January 2013
-Basics Block-February 2013
-The Dreamworld-February 2013
-The Troopers: A Tribute-April 2013
-Rise Above-May 2013
-Michigan, My Home-June 2013
-The Firebird Suite-July 2013
-Painting in Motion-August 2013
-Self Portrait (#1) , To Find Our Dreams Mvt.2 -November 2013
-Journey Through the Night-January 2014
-Grand Designs-February 2014
-Sands of Time-July 2014
-Hey, Hey, Hockeytown!-September 2014
-Golden Fibonacci Vision-November 2014
-Spirit of Man Mvt. 1 & I'm Only Human-December 2014
-For You-February 2015
-To Build a Home-March 2015
-Unbound-May 2015
-Family Portrait (#1)-June 2015

Like anything in life, patience and hard work is the key to success.

"Dream big dreams, small dreams have no magic." ~Dottie Boreyko
Title   Published Likes
The Orange Ribbon P Dec '16 23
Journey Part 1: Darkness P Oct '15 37
Spirit of Man Mvt. 2 P Jul '15 15
Family Portrait P Jun '15 27
Unbound P May '15 20
To Build a Home P Mar '15 40
For You P Feb '15 34
The Spirit of Man Mvt. 1 P Dec '14 32
I'm Only Human P Dec '14 35
Golden Fibonacci Vision P Nov '14 64
Hey, Hey, Hockeytown! P Sep '14 28
Sands of Time P Jul '14 29
Grand Designs P Feb '14 31
Journey Through the Night P Jan '14 42
To Find Our Dreams Mvt. 2 P Nov '13 19
Self Portrait P Nov '13 74
To Find Our Dreams Mvt. 1 P Sep '13 17
Painting in Motion P Aug '13 22
The Firebird Suite P Jul '13 30
Michigan, My Home P Jun '13 61
Rise Above P May '13 15
The Troopers: A Tribute P Apr '13 23
Turn, Turn, Turn P Mar '13 10
Connect P Mar '13 10
Into The Light Opener P Mar '13 13
The Dreamworld P Feb '13 18
One in the Universe P Feb '13 7
Basics Block P Feb '13 20
Something New P Jan '13 23
Christmas Essentials P Dec '12 21

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