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Taking a brake.

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Title   Published Likes
Flow Sketching   Nov '17 9
Never Too Small   Jan '16 9
Huguda Chuguda   Aug '14 7
Goodbye "waves" to 2013!   Dec '13 5
Cadets2   Jun '12 18
Quaint   Jun '12 17
BLAST! P Dec '11 14
♱Prayer for Light☼ P Sep '11 30
$i⩕p♩i©i✞y P Aug '11 21
(RΣ:) P May '11 16
I'm Back... P Mar '11 21
The Dash ~ Your Legacy P Dec '10 37
+h@nk$ P Dec '10 31
E-»X«-(istentialism) P Nov '10 20
-∑lepHaℵte~ P Nov '10 4
Concept of "The Lie" P Nov '10 7
←B∑f0re we +urn t0... P Nov '10 7
Caldwell High School P Nov '10 9
- +#E »¤« M@+r1x ~ P Nov '10 40
-ReFlEcTiOnZ~ P Oct '10 4
100*100*100 P Oct '10 25
TRANSCENDents chooses me P Sep '10 23
Is it possible, can you?! P Sep '10 19
The ℘∂τh LESS taken P Sep '10 28
█ Into the BRIGHT ☼ P Aug '10 14
From the Ashes P Jul '10 8
Clash of the Firebird P May '10 18
Moments in Crime~FREEZE P May '10 18
☣Radioactive☢3D☣ P Apr '10 61
⌐•‡Beyond Perimeters‡•¬ P Mar '10 17

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by doubleaalto
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The Pyramids of Egypt
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A Cadets Finale
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Never Ending Strife
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Blue March
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...Of Mass Destruction
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by Lime
Avada Kedavra!
by Eric Michael
Stravinsky's Dream Pt. II
by Matt Wasson
DML Demonstration
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Little Red Riding Hood
by Matthew Allan
Bloody Mary
by tellz
by Matt Wasson
by pedazos
by tellz
Swan Dive
by McSuperFly
The Concave Decagons
by tellz
SKIN by JaredKlemm
Left of Center pt 2 by royalDM
The Spirit of Man Mvt. 1 by Jason Kaz
Out of This Couch by Arimurti Wardhani
~Nessie~ by acelj9
Sunday TV Season Finale by Jon Shannon
Lotus by allstater09
Sands of Time by Jason Kaz
The "Pregame" (P.S) by theprideofthesouth
Red by NedaDX
Push. by Justin Altrogge
Blend by Danapickles
The Void by Kyle Thompson
Self Portrait by Jason Kaz
Extrapolation by Matt Wasson
Romantica by acs marching
✝Warrior✝ by GodbyMarcher1
The Confusion Machine by doubleaalto
The Butterflies by Kyle Thompson
Ballet Pellester by Gush
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1) Is the trumpet soloist from our New World Symphony marching show

2) The Matador Band Trailer

3) Matador Stadium as the Sun sets on it