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I'm probably one of the more 'senior' members of MML. I played trombone in high school, discovered drum corps and found a local parade corps to join -- New City, NY Commanders, where I played Baritone. During college, I marched two years in Bayonne Bridgemen (again on Baritone). After aging out :( I took three years off then joined the Harrison, NJ Bushwackers and marched in the guard. Won three DCA championships and best guard twice. Go Bush!

My judging philosophy:
1-3: Lots of collisions, bad transitions between sets that look like scatter drill, unimaginative sets, no connection to theme
4-6: May be some collisions, good use of forms, apparent thought in transitions between sets, tie in to theme
7-8: No noticeable collisions, nice forms, nice transitions, something 'unexpected' (i.e. not the same old block rotations), good theme and obvious tie in
9-10: No collisions, great forms, original moves, smooth transitions, awe inspiring.

Looking forward to interacting with the group!
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