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I am a current member of The Pride of Broken Arrow, and was a part of the Grand National Final Second Place show, Age of Discovery: Return to Xeno. I hope to have many more years marching and came here to create shows for you to enjoy, and watch the shows of the community.

Favorite High-school: Broken Arrow
Favorite High-school Shows: Wild Blue Orchid, Fractured Moments.
Favorite Corps: Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard
Favorite DCI shows: Felliniesque (BD 2014), Ballet for Martha (SCV 2009), Metamorph (BD 2017), Tilt (BC 2014), Phantom of the Opera (SCV 1989)
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The Tick   Feb '18 0
Power   Feb '18 8
Zahada   Jan '18 0
Contrapositive   Nov '17 0
A Ripple of Flame   Oct '17 1
Intrusion of Time   Oct '17 0
Bluecoats 2017   Oct '17 1

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