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This is a profile dedicated to one of my favorite things: Marching. I love marching, and I write drill in my head everyday, see forms that i can use every day, and try to put that into the visual aspect.

I'm a senior in High School. I'm in the FZS Bulldog Brigade (search fzs marching band (year) to see our shows, or see me and my head cam). I write drill a whole lot, and always try to make the most realistic thing I can with what I have. My judging philosophy is to see if a show is A) Realistic-IE. No crossing paths, etc., and B) The prowess of the forms to make a story happen or a theme work. I hope that my shows do both of those things for everyone, and i hope that you are able to enjoy my shows! Enjoy
Title   Published Likes
Bloody Revolution P Sep '17 15
The Tree P Aug '17 7
TWOgether as Stars P Aug '17 11
The Fiery Gates P Aug '17 9
The Power of the Heart P Apr '17 7
Why Not? P Mar '17 3
Wavelength P Feb '17 6
The Industry P Feb '17 9
Rise of the Green Sun   Feb '17 0
Pin Wheel: One Summer Eve   Feb '17 0
House of the Rising Sun   Jan '17 0
American Hero's   Jan '17 0
Trapped   Jan '17 0
Why Not?   Jan '17 0
The Saints   Jan '17 0
Psychedelics   Jan '17 0
Wavelength   Jan '17 0
The Vexing Devils   Jan '17 1
The Great Spectacular!   Jan '17 0

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