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Hey, this is FrenchyJake12. I am currently a junior in high school, and I have marched all 3 years. My philosophy is that you need to work hard to make something great

My shows all are unique to their own theme. They will mostly have the same styles as my other shows because that is how I make drill. I try to make a show every two weeks and upload it, but if things are going crazy in my life, I might take a break from making. My goal is to make shows of a certain caliber to prove that I can do things like this in my life. I hope the MML community enjoys my shows, and expect new ones soon!
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TWOgether as Stars P 1 day ago 0
The Fiery Gates P 6 days ago 0
The Power of the Heart P Apr '17 7
Why Not? P Mar '17 3
Wavelength P Feb '17 6
The Industry P Feb '17 9

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