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My competition Drum corps is the Red Line Regiment

I now have a real sound sport group forming to compete in the 2019 season, Neurotic Royals. Feel free to follow our twitter and instagram page!

Hi my name is Elliott and I have been into music and marching band since I was eight. I love the energy in marching. I am also a huge fan of DCI. Also love to write music. I hope to improve more and more over time.

My main instrument is Tuba but I also play Trombone, Euph., and piano.

When judging I look for smooth transitions, effort, theme that continues through the whole show, and unique sets or uses of props. And Personally, I prefer really theatrical shows, like Phantom Regiment '08.

My favorite things to do is write music and shows.
My favorite Corps are
Carolina Crown
Blue Coats
Blue Devils
Phantom Regiment
Santa Clara Vanguard
Blue Devils B
What I Believe are my top 3 shows are...

Shows of the Months

"Locked Away" Dec'17 #27
"Frankenstein's Monster" Jan'18 #15
"Red Moon" Feb'18 #14
"Break Free" Feb'18 #30

Competitions Hosted

New Bound
Gold - "Ignite" - Stargazers
Silver - "Night at the Big Top" - Desert Devils
Bronze - "Conspiracy Theories" - Cirque du Noir

New Bound II
Gold - "The Blue Planet" - Pride Marching Band
Silver - Dracula" - Desert Devils
Bronze - "Ritual" - Parsippany Sound

Competitions Participated In

WMT - Investment in Excellence - Prelims
Using "Shaping the Future"
Class AA - 1st
Class AA Outstanding Color guard
Class AA Outstanding Percussion
Class AA Outstanding General Effect
9th - 56.8
Non-Full Membership 1st place award


WMT - Investment in Excellence - Finals
Using "Through Space"
7th Place - 71.7
Outstanding Non-Full Membership Award


CBI - Christmas Bonanza Invitational
Using "Deep Blue Sea" 1-3
Class AA 4th place
5th place overall - 87.45


RFT - Regiment Field Tournament
Using "Black widow"
Class AA 3rd place
5th overall - 65.95


CDNFC - Cirque du Noir Feild Comp
Using "Planet Mars"
Class AA 7th place


DMA - Valentines Classic
(Full Corps)
Using "Frankenstein's Monster "
World Class - 4th place - 91.738

DMA - Valentines Classic
Using "Locked Away"
Outstanding Members Award
Outstanding Realism Award
1st - 90.375


DC18 - Dragon Classic '18 Premiere Prelims
Using "Planet Mars"
Best Windline Award in Class AAA
Class AAA 2nd Place
Overall 5th place - 83


DC18 - Dragon Classic '18 Premiere Finals
Using "Frankenstein's Monster"
1st Place 88.805
Grand Champion


TOC3 - Tournament Of the Champions 3
Using "Frankenstein's Monster"
Best Winds Award
International Class 1st - 89.49
2nd - Overall


SMP - Superior Music Productions Prelims
Using "Frankenstein's Monster"
Class AA - All Captions
Class AA 1st


SMP - Superior Music Productions Finals
Using "An Egyptian Tale"
Cleanest Show Award
Most Realistic Award
2nd best theme
overall - 1st place 68.6
Grand Champion


POE - Marching Band Battle Royal
Using "An Egyptian Tale"
Open Class Besd GE Award
Open Class - 2nd - 84.40


DC18 - Dragon Classic II Prelims
Using "Red Moon"
Class AAAA - 3rd - 80.46
Overall - 7th

Title   Published Likes
Sweet Honey P Apr '18 1
Dancing Purple Orbs P Mar '18 0
Red Kaleidoscope P Mar '18 0
INK P Mar '18 1
An Egyptian Tale P Mar '18 4
We Are Red! P Feb '18 5
Red moon P Feb '18 11
Break Free P Feb '18 2
White Noise P Jan '18 6
Frankenstein's Monster P Jan '18 14
Planet Mars P Dec '17 6
Mars P Dec '17 5
Locked Away P Dec '17 7
Black Widow P Dec '17 9
Broken Dreams P Dec '17 20
Glimmering Lights P Dec '17 5
Through Space   Dec '17 2
Deep Dark Sea Pt 3 Fin.   Dec '17 1
Deep Dark Sea Pt 2   Dec '17 1
Deep Dark Sea Pt 1   Dec '17 3
Shaping the Future   Nov '17 2
SEE   Nov '17 0
Out of Darkness Pt.1   Oct '17 0
Shooting Star   Oct '17 0
Through the Flames   Sep '17 0
Sky of Stars   Sep '17 0
Formation   Sep '17 0

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