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I play baritone, tuba,trombone, and percussion. I have been in marching band for 3 years. My favorite corps are Pacific Crest, Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, and Bluecoats. I am a beginner for writing sheet music. I am also a music producer but I am only a beginner.
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Beyond Good and Evil 3   Today 0
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Reality Movement 2   Dec '17 2
Reality   Nov '17 1
Distinct Pt 2   Oct '17 1
A Space Odyssey Pt 3   Mar '17 0
A Space Odyssey pt 2   Mar '17 1
A Space Odyssey pt 1   Feb '17 0
Timeless?   Feb '17 0
Faith   Jan '17 0
Enchano   Jan '17 0
Distinct   Jan '17 3
Distorted   Nov '16 0
Dream   Nov '16 0
So Wacky   May '16 0
Daft Punk Medley   Apr '16 0
life   Dec '15 0

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