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Hi, I'm Dalton! EKU School of Music - Junior - Music Education (Instrumental)

My 2016 DCI Prediction:

1. Bluecoats
2. Blue Devils
3. Carolina Crown
4. Santa Clara Vanguard
5. Cavaliers
6. The Cadets
7. Blue Knights
8. Madison Scouts
9. Phantom Regiment
10. Blue Stars
11. Boston Crusaders
12. Troopers
13. Crossmen
14. The Academy
15. Colts
Title   Published Likes reach Beyond!   Dec '16 15
I'm Alive   Dec '15 17
~XtraOrdinary~   Dec '15 9
...Sky Full of Stars P Dec '15 11
The Factory - Opening P Mar '15 12
Allure P Feb '15 20
Pretty in Pink - Mvt. 1 P Nov '14 7
Oriental Suite   Jan '14 29
A Romantic Tragedy   Jan '14 22
*Passion*   Jan '14 14
The Way P Dec '13 10
A Brave New World P Nov '13 18
westsidestorysync   Aug '13 0
Electrifying   Jul '13 14
Millennium Celebration P Jun '13 25
Eccentricity P Jun '13 19
Crown-tastrophe P May '13 16
An American Autumn P May '13 16
The Road Not Taken P Apr '13 25
The Blue Frontier P Apr '13 20
Inertia: The Force Within P Mar '13 7
Aerodynamics P Jan '13 18
Deja Bleu   Dec '12 7
Off the Beaten Path   Nov '12 9
Sgt. Peppers/The End P Nov '12 11
Blueprint P Oct '12 16
Cool, Blue, Jazz P Sep '12 10
~Atlantis~ P Sep '12 45
Blackbird/Yesterday P Aug '12 6
*Insanity of Imagination* P Aug '12 15

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Methods of Madness
by Victory Screech
The Heart is but a Muscle
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The Search for...
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City Lights opener
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Picture Perfect
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The Center of Darkness
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It's All About Geometry!
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Quelling the People
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The Luck is Real
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Masque of the Red Death
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Brave New World Revisited
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Deep in the Sands
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Art Obsession
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Wired Mvt. 1 Power Up
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It's All About Geometry!
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by caida
This I Believe
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The Spark of Invention
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The Planets
by raguilar5
Spirit: A Reincarnation 2
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Charm, Part 1: Incendio
by loganrf14
The Prince of Egypt
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Cosmic Energy
by parhillsb
by Justin Altrogge
by MusicWhale
Wild Horses
by Trillz4Lyfe
Yin and Yang
by lasvegasmonkey
The Nightmare
by MightyWarrior
Side X Side
by KeenanBurton
Swan Lake
by ohhmyjesus
Game On!
by LKendrick
Swan Song
by caida
by 98farmer
City of Light
by walrus50
The Love of One and Many
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Stravinsky's Dream
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On Air
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Amor Sui
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Wired Mvt. 3 Virus
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Coastal Waves
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Rach Star 2.0
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Time Turner
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by ohhmyjesus
The Cheshire
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by Justin Altrogge
by Jared24
Where the Heart Is
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by Crazy Pineapple
We Are...
by MichaelAlan
Fun in the Rain
by thorneaa
hoCuS poCuS
by james98
Live for Music
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The Cure
by royalDM
Marching JukeBox
by Northern Wayne
by Crazy Pineapple
by Justin Altrogge
Anniversary Show - Cewkie
by Matthew Baka
by Greg Holdiness
by Aaron Hudson
by Matt Wasson
Apasionada 874
by walrus50
by LKendrick
The Great Revelation
by Taylyn Anastasia
Between Angels and Demons
by Aiden Delowery
Michigan, My Home
by Jason Kaz
The Ocean Abyss
by Dave F
The Tell Tale Heart
by Justin Altrogge
Beyond the Forest's Edge
by james98
♥ Sometimes...
by Willie Careri
Ice Bird
by Gush
For the Common Good pt.4
by xxjacaribanksxx
The Rolling River
by adavis14
Back to the Block
by kamoro
Destiny's True Love
by Twhs18
by Craig Juergens
Through The Air
by OnlyChad
by KeenanBurton
Christmas Once Again
by Gush
50 Shades of Blue
by qwilliams3
by kamoro
Letters from the Sky
by almatho9
The Grand Illusion
by bluejacket63
Drenched in Dada
by MusketeerGroovy
The Big "W"
by Sam Doss
Siren's Serenade
by GodbyMarcher1
Unrealized Dreams
by Rebel Lover
The Golden Rule
by Quaid Swiger
waves of passion
by Oliver Ryan
Killing Time with Motion
by Steven K
Roses Are Red...
by srj95
Rush of The Dusk
by Will Panter
Cabaret Voltaire
by samdog83
Ceremony of Innocence
by Tromboon
by Justin Altrogge
Mad World!
by Adrian Workman
28 Sets of Fame
by Andrew Ford
Ice Cold!
by Pablo Sanchez43
by pedazos
by KeenanBurton
by bingo
[C R A Z Y]
by Gambit
A Lost Love
by Justin Altrogge
♜ "Stan"dard Knighthood
by GodbyMarcher1
Hear the Angels Sing
by JMaye
Hero of Thousand Faces
by Phillup11
Concept of "The Lie"
by J Doerr
Constant Motion
by Bryan LaHaise
by Will Panter
by Will Panter
by Justin Altrogge
by JMaye
Forming the Universe Mv 1
by Shrodinger
What Doesn't Kill You. .
by Will Panter
by srj95
by Quaid Swiger
On Air
by massexodus
The Phenomenon Of Cool
by Craig Juergens
Triple Crown
by Craig Juergens
New York!
by kl0441
by Craig Juergens
Everything and Nothing by Victory Screech
Momentum by Jeffrey Koehn
IT IS...a jagged line by ryan5
Distortion by SVfieldcommander17
Breakthrough by royalDM
When Light Fades to Gray by King Darius
IGNiTE by sohs
Because by Jon Shannon
Methods of Madness by Victory Screech
Ritual Circle by Charip
The Appian Way by ryan5
Retrograde by royalDM
Quixotic by Willie Careri
Shining Voice pt 3 by jjjohnnny
firsts by sumnernat
Resistance by dhsboo
Equinox by macisback
Spin Cycle Rewrite by Chromica
OneLove by sturana
NoBeginningNoEnd by Craig Juergens
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1. Me in our home Parade!
2. Haha!
3. When University of Louisville made the final 4! Go Cards! :)