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Hi, I'm me. Nice to meet you. :)

Ides of March(ing) Competition
3rd Place - 90.1

POC Finals Spring 2010
-6th Place Overall
-Fan Favorite (AA)
-Director's Choice Award
Score - 94.6

POC Finals Fall 2010
-7th Place Overall
-Spirit of Disney Award (AAA)
-Best Flag Design Award (AAA)
Score - 95.225
Title   Published Likes
The pit. P Aug '10 24
See You In My Nightmares P Aug '10 60
Unity P Jul '10 19
Published Sketches P Jul '10 9
Musical Inferno P Jul '10 18
Blue Bells of Scotland P May '10 19
Blackwood Forest P Apr '10 11
The Rising of the Sun P Apr '10 19
Easter Prayer P Apr '10 21
Spacial Awakening P Apr '10 9
Sparkx P Mar '10 13
Carmina Burana-O' Fortuna P Jan '10 11
Out of the Shadows P Dec '09 3
Ode to Crown P Nov '09 6
Finale P Oct '09 4
Curves   Sep '09 1
Blue Guys Contra Block B   Sep '09 0
Blue Guys Contra Block   Sep '09 7
Opener   Sep '09 0
Closer   Sep '09 5
Push!   Aug '09 1
Untitled   Aug '09 1
Drumline   Aug '09 1
Awesome Drill   Aug '09 0
There will be blood...   Aug '09 3
Practice Drill   Aug '09 1
Chain Reaction   Aug '09 0
Unknown   Aug '09 4
Creative Ideas   Aug '09 3
Music   Aug '09 3

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