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TOP 5 HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND SHOWS!-Updated 2011- In no order (My School)

My name is Cody I'm a huge Marching band Fan and Drum Corps Fan

My Favorite Corps is Phantom regiment

My Favorite Micro Marchers would have to be Pedazos, Brandon G,MARCOpolo,and countless others but these guys stick out the most

When I judge shows, I look for realism, innovation, cool concepts and the fewer the collision the better. When I design, I try to be innovative but try to keep it as realistic as possible.

Front Page Shows:

Friday The 14Th
The Ballad
80 bits of truth
Is that a talking dog!
Part 2
The Spin
In the year 2010
Pride 2
Mark Time
the show part 1
The show part 3
To Catch A Thief
The Walls
If it aint got that swing
Its back
Pride 3
Rhythm Of A Dream
Prelude and Fuge
Serenade For Strings
Minuet In G
The Long Wait
Du Haut Des Cieux
Human After All

****Note i have entered alot of contest but im just now going to start keeping track!

The Spartan Classic
4A 3rd Place percussion
4A 2nd place Horn Line
The Sparta Award
4th place over all out of 24 bands!

The Patroit Class

Stripes Division
2nd place General Effect
5th place in class!

3rd place over all general effect
8th place over all band

The Eternal Glory
4th place Class 3A 89.50

MMJA Speed Contest

Class AAA
Bronze-86.4 cody morton


The Carolina Classic
1st place color guard
2nd place drumline
3rd place marching
tie 2nd place class AAAA
5th place over all 87.5 (out of 30 other bands very proud!)

The MicroFest Showdown Prelims
overall visual effect,oveall general effect,over colorguard and overall visual execution! and class AA champion =D!
10th place overall score 79

Salem Classic
2nd place drumline
3rd Place Colorguard
2nd place Drill
3RD place class AAA
Judges Choice Award picked by Chstbone
10th place over all 74.03

Chaple Hill Classic

3rd place guard
2nd place drumline
2nd place class AAA

5th place over all out of 20
MMBC Prelims

Class AA
Most Outstanding General Effect
Most Outstanding Drumline
1st Place Class AA

Finals--- TBA
Colors 1.0 Classic
class AA 7th place
The Marchettes All Star Showdown

Class AAAA
2nd Place Class AAAA
4th Place, with a score of 88,

The Marching Rebel Band! I loved your show, cody morton!

POC Winter 2012
Class A
OutStanding Drumline
Outstanding GE
Class A Champion
Spring/Summer Extreme Extravaganza

Outstanding Visual,Outstanding Colorguard 3rd place class AAA 6th place overall 91.60 moving on to semi finals

Schools out!
World Class
4th place 95
7th over all
High Form Caption
High Transition Caption


POC 2012 Quarterfinals
Class A Runner-up - Cody Morton - 76.750
Southern Classic 2013

2nd place 98.6
outstanding drumline
Title   Published Likes
Farewell Show P Jan '16 17
Mountain King P Mar '14 6
If We P Dec '13 1
Nutrition Mvt 2 P Dec '13 2
F To The End P Nov '13 7
The Hour Glass P Nov '13 7
Nutrition P Nov '13 5
The Son of Flynn P Oct '13 5
Human After All P Sep '13 2
Du Haut Des Cieux P May '12 10
The Long Wait P Dec '11 13
Alcatraz P Oct '11 7
Minuet In G P Apr '11 10
Serenade For Strings P Jan '11 7
Prelude and Fugue P Jan '11 8
Read about me P Jan '11 1
Rhythm Of A Dream P Dec '10 15
Pride 3   Dec '10 4
Munford!   Nov '10 0
It's Back P Nov '10 9
If It Aint got that swing P Aug '10 1
Sanitizer P Jul '10 6
The Walls P Jun '10 1
Power P Jun '10 4
To Catch A Thief P May '10 4
The Show (3) P May '10 4
The Show (2) P May '10 1
The Show (1) P May '10 3
Mark Time P Apr '10 3
Just for fun P Apr '10 1
Prde 2! P Apr '10 2
Sleep with a Riot Shield P Apr '10 2
Read about show! P Apr '10 0
Pride! P Apr '10 14
In the year 2010 P Apr '10 4
It's 2010! P Apr '10 1
The Spin! P Mar '10 4
Part 2 P Mar '10 3
Is that a talking dog! P Mar '10 6
clean out P Mar '10 0
Hefty P Mar '10 6
The Fight P Feb '10 1
Rolling On P Jan '10 0
A New Beginning P Jan '10 0
80 bits of truth P Jan '10 2
cleaning out the frezzer P Jan '10 0
The Story Goes P Jan '10 0
1 year on MML P Jan '10 0
The Show of 2010 P Jan '10 0
cleaning out the frezzer P Jan '10 0
oh baby P Jan '10 3
Nothing From Nothing P Dec '09 0
wooo P Dec '09 0
The Ballad P Nov '09 3
Friday The 14th P Nov '09 7
The Show Must Go On   Nov '09 1
Smart One   Oct '09 2
The Great Block   Oct '09 0
something cool   Oct '09 0
Invoice   Oct '09 0
something cool   Oct '09 0
show 3   Oct '09 0
complete   Feb '09 0
off the wall tryout   Feb '09 0

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Fine Prodigality by John Davis
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Cherry Pop by Elphaba1
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