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An aspiring music educator from Houston, TX!

I love creativity, and innovation within the marching arts.
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When Fall and Winter Meet P Jan '17 19
The Lighthouse P Jan '17 22
D R E A M P Jun '16 27
The Muse P Mar '16 13
NEON P Feb '16 20
The Promise of Storms P Jan '16 19
I'll Fly Away P Dec '15 21
Gates of Hell P Dec '15 16

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Force of Nature
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The Road Not Taken
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by obro16
The Midnight Garden
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We will build a wall!
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To Build a Home
by sihsmvb17
~Dry Spell~
by Los Valientes
by bingo
by obro16
The Hive
by doubleaalto
Blue Shades
by Gush
Cloud 9 by sean carter
Ouroboros by walrus50
Way of the Samurai by Daniel V
Beautiful Asymmetry by LKendrick
Half Life by LKendrick
The Rorschach Test by LKendrick
On the Great Divide by LKendrick
Grad/ent by weathermanmessi
Fade by JaredKlemm
Swan Lake by walrus50
Beyond the Rainbow by JaredKlemm
Speak Now... by 98farmer
Surprise Dialog by AltoRawker
Speakeasy by Trillz4Lyfe
Dojo Master by Oinky dokee
A Knack For Language by dhsboo
Looking Back on Earth by Jeffrey Koehn
The Duplicity of Us by JaredKlemm
Machine 2 by jakobbarr
On Through the Night by Jeffrey Koehn
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