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I'm a member of my high school's Class of 2017, and I've had so far 5 years of marching experience. In 7th and 8th grade, we march alongside the high school band during our Memorial Day parade. I joined the marching band in 9th grade. Our 2013 show "Radiant Gems" was a blast to perform, although our 2014 show "Galaxies" was a bit of a let-down. Our 2015 program, "Newton's Laws", was another success for our music program.

I have several Drum Corps I'm fond of. My favorite has to be the Bluecoats, followed by the Cavaliers, Carolina Crown, and the Cadets, in no particular order.

My general design philosophy is that while many faster paced shows on MML admittedly look very cool, I prefer designing more realistic shows, even if they look slower-paced by comparison.
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When You Find A Drillbook   Sep '15 8
Together and Apart   Aug '15 3
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