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Hi! I am a band geek, like most/all of you. I like Marching Band, Jazz Band and Indoor Percussion.

If you have a specific show that you would like to see made like from DCI or just a high school/ college band, just comment it with a video link to the specific parts you want in one of my shows or my profile.

I would love to make a show for you!
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Game Over P Sep '17 5
The Cool Show P Aug '17 0
Cadets 2011 P Jun '17 4
Indoor Part 2 P Nov '16 0
Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 P Nov '16 1
Try to do indoor be like P Nov '16 0
How Not To Band Part II   Oct '16 0
The Show Part 5   Oct '16 0
I ran out of sets   Oct '16 0
The Show Part III   Oct '16 0
I don't Know   Sep '16 0
The Show Part III   Sep '16 2
The Show Part II   Sep '16 1
How not to band   Sep '16 4
The Hero Within   Sep '16 0
The Show   Sep '16 0
Partners in Crime   Nov '15 1
gospel   Nov '14 0
k   Nov '14 0
stuff that is cool   Nov '14 0
The age in times   Nov '14 0

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