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Hello. My Name is Matthew and I play Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Flute and Violin. I'm a freshman in Ohio. I play Tenor Sax in Marching Band, and in concert and jazz bands. This is my 3rd year in Marching Band (I've played synthesizer in the Front Ensemble for the past 2 years).
Title   Published Likes
A Work of Heart P Dec '16 1
Histrionic P Nov '16 0
The Active Pose P Nov '16 5
Eebus   Sep '14 2
Focus   Sep '14 0
Motion   Nov '13 0
Imagine P Nov '13 2
Transformations III P Oct '12 1
Drum major salute P Sep '12 1
Transformations II P Sep '12 1
Transformation I P Sep '12 0
The Dark Swan Intro P Aug '12 0
Hearts P Aug '12 0
Anger P Aug '12 0
Waves P Aug '12 0
Firebird Ballad P Aug '12 1
The Dark Swan P Aug '12 1
Dark Lake P Aug '12 0
Just for fun   Aug '12 0
Transformations   Aug '12 0
Curves   Jul '12 1
The Act   Dec '11 0
A   Nov '11 0
Fun with Flags   Nov '11 0
El' Tigre a' Baby   Nov '11 0
Pregame   Nov '11 0
rain   Nov '11 0
Christmas   Nov '11 0
Guard   Nov '11 0
Flags   Nov '11 0

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