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I am a sophomore at the University of Central Florida majoring in Music Education

I don't really have a favorite drum corps. I really liked Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, Santa Clara Vanguard, Phantom Regiment, Crossmen, Jersey Surf, Oregon Crusaders, and Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets this year. I like high school bands that actually do marching shows. If a school has a performance band, they shouldn't compete. I also believe that excessive Choreography should be kept within the guard. Wind players should only do choreography when appropriate. Choreography should also never be done by winds with a computer playing the music. The Computers will only kill the sense of band.

I also use a second Microcorps who I call the Black Knight Regiment.


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Guard Competition Grand Champion

Super World Marching Band Competition Grand Champion
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Summer’s Top 5 Week 1 Grand Champion
MAC Head to Head Challenge Round 3 Grand Champion

Marching Arts Classic 4 Runner-up Grand Champion
MMCL Championships – 8th place
MML Winter POC 2011 Class AAA Bronze Champion
MML Winter POC 2011 – 7th place
MML Spring POC 2011 ¼ Finals – 9th place
MML Spring POC 2011 Semifinals – 10th place
MML Spring POC 2011 Finals - 12th place
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MMJA Speed Competition 2.0 Finals second Runner-up Grand Champion
MML Fall POC 2011 Class AAA Bronze Medalist
MML Fall POC 2011 Semifinals – 9th place
MML Fall POC 2011 Finals – 8th place
MMJA Speed Competition Grand Champion
SSI Fall Festival of bands:
Guard-2nd place
Brass-2nd place
Full corps-Grand Champion

MML Winter POC 2012 Quarterfinals -13th place
MML Winter POC 2012 Semifinals - 7th place
MML Winter POC 2012 Finals - 9th place
MML Spring POC 2012 Quarterfinals - 11th place
MML Spring POC 2012 Semifinals - 7th place
MML Spring POC 2012 Finals - 6th place

2012 schedule
Winter Series of Champions.
MWGI Championships
MCI World Championships
Biscotti Drumline Competition
Title   Published Likes
When Light Turns to Dark P Jul '17 15
Raising the bar P Jan '17 11
Hero (Part One) P Dec '16 14
When you wish... P Dec '16 28
Exquisite P Oct '16 24
If I Didn't Have {Opener} P Jul '16 20
Optical Illusion P Jul '16 27
Four Brothers   Jun '16 20
Bent   Apr '16 4
From the sky above... P Dec '15 15
Return to the Light P Aug '15 15
It's Up To You New York P Aug '15 25
Club Blue (Part 3) P Jun '15 1
Club Blue (Opener Part 2) P Jun '15 7
Club Blue Part 1 P Jun '15 16
I'm Back P Jan '15 14
Return of "S"!   Jul '14 12
From one snowflake...   Dec '13 14
Resolute Outcome   Dec '13 23
Charge On! Knightmare P Dec '13 21
As Smooth as the Seas P Oct '13 13
Polarized P Aug '13 16
Another Journey P Aug '13 22
Another Journey P4 P Aug '13 12
Xtraordinary P2 P Aug '13 9
Pathway to Acclamation P Jul '13 23
XtraordinarY P1 P Jul '13 19
When a man... P Jul '13 17
Another Journey Pt. 3 P Jul '13 15
Phantom of the Opera P2 P May '13 18

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Cascades of Red by Will Panter
Symmetry by Lithium Nitro
V42 by sean carter
Journey to Mars by SteveJF
In the Center of it All by Matthew Allan
A Copland Portrait by Jerry
To Build a Home by Jason Kaz
Oriental Suite by Dalton Bates16
Chaos Theory by GhostSnake90
The Devil's Staircase by Trillz4Lyfe
In My Arms by Willie Careri
Music of the Starry Night by Justin Altrogge
Khush qismat by Craig Juergens
Classic Heat by musicateoquinn
Aerodynamic pt.1 by DrillCaptane
To Know, Water by SteveJF
"Air an aria" for Band by FreakoftheArts73
The Greater Good by Estaroyale
Xperiment by MarchingTurtle
Fragmentism by thepoppingcorn
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