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I played percussion in the Mexia HS blackcat band. My favorite college band is the Fightin Texas Aggie Band. If you are not familiar with them click the link below. Most of the shows that I make will be military style. I know it is not a very popular marching band style but I've always loved watching these types of bands.

Texas Aggie Band Performance-(

The Awakening-Lorena HS Band(

Among Us- Lorena HS Band(
Title   Published Likes
Military March #5 P Nov '17 6
Henderson Lions P Nov '17 10
"Among Us" Part 2 P Oct '17 4
"Among Us" Part 1 P Oct '17 8
Military March #4 P Oct '17 7
Military March #3 P Oct '17 6
Military March #2 P Oct '17 8
Fairfield Eagles P Oct '17 7
Military March #1 P Oct '17 8
Patriot March P Oct '17 8
Soviet March P Oct '17 6
Mexia Blackcat Band 1980s P Oct '17 5
Texas Fanfare P Oct '17 8
Festival Prelude P Oct '17 3
English March P Oct '17 3
The Mission Theme P Oct '17 7
Battle Cry of Freedom P Sep '17 4
Invictus March P Sep '17 3
Chicago Worlds Fair March P Sep '17 8
Proclamation Fanfare P Sep '17 5
Slavonic Fanfare P Sep '17 5
Sinfonian Fanfare P Sep '17 4
Fight'in Texas Aggies P Sep '17 10
American Fanfare P Sep '17 6
Veteran's Fanfare P Sep '17 7
Texas Aggie Band 2017 P Sep '17 8
A military style show P Jul '17 12
Aggie Band on the Road P Jul '17 2
Small Band Military P Jul '17 8
The 1990's Blackcat Band P Jul '17 8

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