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My Virtual Unit on MML is Diablo House - Uniforms had evolved from Blue and Silver, Blue and Orange to now the famous Orange sash and full Orange back of the jacket which represents the corps more. Diablo House is known for their unique forms and symmetry. A lot of pulling, pushing and folding forms to give the crowd a pleasing visual stimulation. The Corps attempts to use ALL sections in the show (Snares, Tenors, Bases, Cymbals, Sops, Altos, Bari's, Contra, & Guard) to give it a bigger challenge to create shows.

IRL: Blue Devils Alum, Impulse Alum, SF Renegades Alum, & a Former Marine.
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Assembled Diffuse P Jun '17 0
Fenced! P Jun '17 0
Apogeum P May '17 0
Synopsis of Color P May '17 1
Hot2cold P May '17 2
The Visitation P Apr '17 5
Journey, City by the Bay P Mar '17 6
Spira mirabilis P Mar '17 8
Solar Flare the Cool Star P Mar '17 10
Arrow the Way P Mar '17 9
The Magic Glass P Feb '17 11
SE7EN! P Feb '17 10
Sweet Sensation P Jan '17 5
On the 50 P Jan '17 13
Surprise Dialog P Dec '16 11
Act Down, the 1st P Dec '16 11
The John Muir Trail P Dec '16 7
Bluetones   Dec '16 9
Sure, Why Not!   Sep '16 6
just about   Oct '11 22
time kill P Nov '10 0
The end of Summer P Oct '10 9
A touch of Blue P Oct '10 9
Behind the Walls P Sep '10 13
The Factor P Sep '10 1
I Know P Sep '10 0
In Your Face P Sep '10 0
Work in Progress P Sep '10 0
Storm   Sep '10 0
Side Ay n Bee   Jul '09 4

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