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The name is Abraham Moreno. My music experience I played trombone for 7 long years. 2009 4A Texas All-State Musician. Marched Genesis DBC 2011.

My technique for drill writing, is very symetrical. The name that tends to pop up is the Cavaliers drill writter Micheal Gaines. I feel his ideas are always fresh and always go perfect with the show. Biggest inspiration from his was Cavaliers 2002, the most symetrical and most amazing visual show ever.

There you have it that's me. Message me or leave me a comment or compliment if you'd like.

Title   Published Likes
Reflected Pathways   Jan '18 16
Box Drill   Dec '16 22
Unexpected   Nov '16 15
Beyond Basic   Oct '16 19
Intrinsic   Oct '15 11
Continuity   Apr '15 6
Lotus   Aug '14 18
RED   Jul '14 7
Fire of Eternal Glory   Sep '13 8
BLUE   Sep '13 8
Primitive   Aug '13 18
Irregular   Jul '13 6
(Re)construction   Jul '13 8
Double Entendre   May '13 16
Side X Side   May '13 10
Rhythms...   Feb '13 10
Midnight Hour   Dec '12 9
Paradigm   Dec '12 8
Non-sens   Nov '12 25
[Melo]dic [Melo]dy   Oct '12 5
15 Minutes of Fame P Aug '12 33
Pathways P Apr '12 10
A House Is Not A Home... P Mar '12 12
Fantasia P Mar '12 18
Jenesequa P Feb '12 35
The Pink Panther P Mar '11 8
The Little Things P Mar '11 16
Frameworks P Mar '11 41
Big Top After Dark P Mar '11 11
Mvt 4-Promise of... P Jan '11 18

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