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Hello, my name is Alan Tedder.

I am a upcoming composer that loves to write and if you want to hear my work, let me know!

I graduated at New Deal High School, out of New Deal, TX. Where we won the UIL State Marching Championship in 2015 with, 'Neath An Irish Sky.

DCI Top 3 groups World-Class.
1)Carolina Crown
2) Santa Clara Vanguard
3) Crossmen
Title   Published Likes
Flutes And Clairnets! P Mar '17 0
Places Unknown P Mar '17 0
Places Unknown P Mar '17 0
Places Unknown P Mar '17 0
Time Pt. 3 P Mar '17 0
Time Pt. 2 P Mar '17 1
Time Pt.1 P Mar '17 1
DCI P Feb '17 2
What Do You Think? P Feb '17 2
Around The Wall! P Feb '17 4
How Do We Know? Pt.1 P Jan '17 3
Let's Go! P Jan '17 5
Revenge P Jan '17 1
Blue Is The Word! Pt.2 P Jan '17 2
Blue Is The Word P Jan '17 1
The Fire Within Pt.3 P Jan '17 1
The Fire Within Pt.2 P Jan '17 3
The Fire Within P Jan '17 2
Here's To The World! P Jan '17 2
The Magnificent Gold! P Dec '16 6
You Can't Handle Trouble! P Dec '16 3
A New Kind Of Blue P Dec '16 1
Small Rotation P Dec '16 1
No Mans Land P Nov '16 0
No Mans Land! P Nov '16 0
No Mans Land P Nov '16 0
The Mask pt.3 P Nov '16 0
The Mask Pt. 2 P Nov '16 0
The Mask pt.1 P Nov '16 9
Trial of Error Pt. 3 P Nov '16 3

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