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1.Blue Devils
8.Spirit of Atlanta
9.Phantom Regiment

Top 15 Shows (in no particular order)
Blue Devils 2012 Cabaret Voltaire
Blue Devils 2003 The phenomenon of cool
Blue Devils 1997 As Time Goes By-Casablanca
Blue Devils 2008 Constantly Risking Absurdity/
Blue Devils 2010-Through A Glass Darkly
Blue Devils 2011-The Beat My Heart Skipped
Phantom Regiment-2012 Turanot
Phantom Regiment-2010 Into The Light
Cadets 2011-Between Angels and Demons
Cavaliers- 2002 Frameworks
Cavaliers 2006-Machine
Cavaliers 2010-Mad World
Bluecoats 2010-Metropolis: The future is now
Title   Published Likes
Raid! P Dec '12 34
~Nessie~ P Dec '12 35
Jurassic! P Aug '12 44
Blueprints P Aug '12 15
Sienna P Aug '12 14
EARTH: In Four Landscapes P Jul '12 20
Breakthrough P Jul '12 18
Cabaret Voltaire   Jun '12 6
Rogue P May '12 16
Wild Wild West P Dec '11 48
Espionage P Nov '11 24
Desperado P Oct '11 30
Into The Blue P Sep '11 49
And Justice For All... P Sep '11 31
ConstntlyRiskingObscurity P Sep '11 24
Nu World P Aug '11 31
The Kings Crown P Aug '11 34
Man On Wire P Aug '11 59
Between Angels & Demons P Jul '11 41
The Voice Of Color P Jul '11 21
Papermate's Elements P Jun '11 14
160 BPM(2) P Jun '11 6
160 BPM(1) P May '11 12
The Maroon Marcher   May '11 1
Medeas Adagio P May '11 8
XtraordinarY P Apr '11 5
Diamond Mines P Apr '11 8
BlackMENace P Apr '11 4
InVaSiOn! P Apr '11 13
Exodus P Apr '11 9

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by KeenanBurton
by Dalton Bates16
♜ "Stan"dard Knighthood
by GodbyMarcher1
by hlid
by Matt Wasson
Snares 'N Chairs!
by Matthew Allan
Blue and Yellow
by Matthew Allan
At The Movies by RyanEDougherty
Lone Wolf by Jason Archer
Re:Rite of Spring Part 1 by bingo
XtraordinarY P1 by biscotti
Solitary Confinement by doubleaalto
Cloudburst by Jason Archer
When a man... by biscotti
Fanfare by Splashes
Victorious by Justin Altrogge
We Are Now by Austin Eagle
Melatonin by tellz
Turandot by xxjacaribanksxx
That Time of Year by bluesky94
Apocorpslypse by Craig Juergens
An Oriental Portrait by LKendrick
Arachnophobia by bingo
Inferno by KeenanBurton
The Strike of Midnight by massexodus
Rosander's Dream by Danapickles
Dream On by MARCOpolo
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