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My name is Aaron Vallero. I played in the Front Ensemble with the Collinsville Kahoks Marching band of Collinsville IL from 97-01. I also dabbled with "Winterguard" performing with Bandtogether adult colorguard of St.Louis MO from 08-2014,
Spirit of St.Louis awards 2016 season:

SSI-SoundSport Invitational Prelims
Silver Medalist
World's Great corps

4th Place overall with a score of 78/ Prelims
5th Place Finalists
SATC - Sprite of America!Thanksgiving 
3rd place with a score of 85.92, goes to Spirit of St.Louis- Show Entered: “Roses Are...”
4th place finals with a score of 97.56- "Vesuvius"
Field of Legends Invitational

5th place class A- "Roses Are..."
Superior Writers Review III
10th Place 74.55- “Speed Racer”
Marian-Allen Regiment Invitational

Show- "Vesuvius"

1st Place Silver Class
1st Place GE Silver Class
3rd Place Visual Effect Silver Class
1st Place Staging Silver Class
Most Creative Silver Class
5th Place over all 66.00

2017 Awards Season:

Youtube From Around the World 2017

4th Place with a score of 82.68
Best Percussion

American Drum Corps Competition
3rd place Prelims- show "Vesuvius"
2nd place Finalist with a score of 93.00- show "Oz"

Title   Published Likes
Snow White P Mar '17 9
Songs of Sailor and Sea P Jan '17 13
Firebird P Jan '17 14
OZ P Jan '17 8
The Terminator P Dec '16 5
William Tell P Dec '16 4
Tetris P Dec '16 3
Always Greener P Dec '16 5
Vesuvius P Nov '16 7
Speed Racer! P Nov '16 17
Roses Are... P Nov '16 7
Wicked P Oct '16 13
Mars P Oct '16 8

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