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Carolina Crown, Bluecoats, The Cavaliers, and The Academy are my favorite DCI corps. Love designing and love judging.

How I judge (not necessarily followed to the letter, just a general outline):
1: Very little thought was put into the show. Marchers are thrown all over the field and anyone could've made the show in 10 minutes. I rarely ever gives ones.
2-3: Quite a few collisions or bad transitions but some amount of thought is present in the show.
4-5: Still collisions but some of the transitions are smooth or at least readable. Has at least 1 or 2 impact sets and follows some tiny aspect of a theme.
6: A few collisions and most of the transitions are pretty good. Has 2 or 3 impact sets and follows a theme for at least part of the show.
7-8: One collision..MAYBE. All the transitions are visually pleasing and some are even very effective. A theme is ever-present throughout the show and some obvious time and thought has been put into the show. Generally not given to shows made in a day (unless you took the full day to make it I suppose).
9: No collisions. All transitions are amazing. The theme is powerful and effective in the show. Impacts are huge. Time and energy was spent putting the show together and I love it.
10: If I audibly say, "Wow" while watching your show and you follow the criteria of 9, you will receive a 10.
Title   Published Likes
Speak Now... P Jan '17 24
Anarchy [Part 1B] P Dec '16 10
Mysterium P Dec '16 15
Anarchy [Part 1A] P Nov '16 20
Reality   Nov '16 6
Back2Basics   Oct '16 7
Omega P Aug '16 15
Where There's Smoke... P Jul '16 21
Celebr-8-tion P Jan '16 12
0011010The V1rus110010101 P Nov '15 20
Let Light... [Part 1B] P Nov '15 14
The ColorGuard Showdown P Oct '15 15
Let Light Guide the Way.. P Oct '15 20
Ctrl-Z P Sep '15 46
Concussion P Sep '15 24
Pixelated P Sep '15 7
It's All About Geometry! P Sep '15 19
Good and Evil P Aug '15 15
The Good Ol' Days P Aug '15 18
Lexington P Aug '15 13
Out of the Darkness P Aug '15 9
Picture Perfect [Remake] P Aug '15 9
What's New? P Jul '15 4
The Knights of Courage P Jul '15 10
The Golden Forest P Jun '15 5
In the Beginning P Jun '15 11
Scramble! P Jun '15 3
Summer Time   Jun '15 2
Box Drill   Jun '15 2
The House of Japan   Jun '15 7
Clean Slate   Jun '15 10
Invincible Mvmt. 3   Jun '15 1
The Speed Demon   Jun '15 4
The Turkish Republic   Jun '15 5
The Fourth Dimension   Jun '15 2
Glitch   May '15 7
Invincible Mvmt. 2   May '15 0
Invincible Mvmt. 1   May '15 2
Reborn   May '15 4
Egyptian Flame   May '15 0
The Russian Winter   May '15 4
The Trumpeters   May '15 0
Aquam   May '15 0
Cirque de Fuego   May '15 0
Picture Perfect   May '15 0

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The Sorcerers Apprentice
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Into the Darkened Hall
by GhostSnake90
Le Tour...
by Justin Altrogge
Le Tour...
by Justin Altrogge
The Sorcerers Apprentice
by Oinky dokee
WHS Pirates pt.1
by camo masterpro
Le Tour...
by Justin Altrogge
Into the Darkened Hall
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