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Alternative to valve oil?

bman94 Jul '09
Anybody have any good alternatives to valve oil? The music store is kinda far away so for the past few months I've been taking my valves and have been putting water on them. I wouldn't normally do this but like back in February trumpet was getting fixed so i had to use one of the schools crappy horns and the valves needed oil badly so the assistant band director said go to the water fountain and use water on the valves. Is this safe? He's writes out our music and stuff but he can be wrong about things at times. Is water an okay substitute for valve oil until school starts or will it mess up my already not-so good trumpet?
Tony Noyes Jul '09
Water won't hurt your trumpet, but it is nowhere near as good as actual oil.
Baritone B1 Jul '09
One time a trumpet player in our band needed valve oil and no one had it with them. We were on the field and far, far away from the band room. Our director said to use spit.

That is only temporarily effective. I don't recommend doing it too much, if at all.
Shawn Wright Jul '09
spit works if you don't have valve oil with you, but it's not a long term answer. There's really not a good substitute for valve oil. Valve oil is a water based lubricant, so it won't hurt your instrument, but using oil or silicone based lubricants, like WD-40 or T-9, can eat away at the nickel in your instrument and cause serious damage.
thesousabone Jul '09
Buy synthetic Oil. I use a brand called Fat Cat. It's good enough that I once put it on a marching horn and it lasted 2 months before it needed to be re-oiled.
Cutecat42 Jul '09
My friend plays clarinet and accidentally left her cork crease over at my house (the thing that looks like chapstick). I'm learning trumpet and last night I had no valve oil, so I just used the cork grease. Is that, uh...bad? =/
Kever Lewis Jul '09
yes... Grease will gunk up your valves. If I were you I would wash it off.
Baritone B1 Jul '09
Yeah, bad idea cork grease and slide grease are a bad idea.

I also suggest to not use trombone slide spray stuff...
Ryan Everette Jul '09
Idk if this would work, but...WD-40? lol.
mellophone1 Jul '09
Nope, WD40 was mentioned earlier, corrodes the metal.
4o5tyler Jul '09
If you live that far away, you should just order valve oil online!
bman94 Jul '09
It's not that I live far far away, but it's like a 20 minute drive and who goes somewhere for 20 minutes just for a bottle? But I should get more when i buy a baritone mouthpiece before school.

2 years back when my friend still played trombone he used baby oil as a substitute for slide oil lol
Shawn Wright Jul '09
You could try getting one of those giant size bottles of valve oil. Those last Forever... not kidding.
BCoat07 Jul '09
Take a mouth full of water and spit it through the mouth piece. If you are in the sun and continue to apply valve oil over and over then the valve oil is probably drying and leaving an oily gunk so using water can actually be a better alternative.
connor osburn Jul '09
good old spit
Tan Yen Tzer Jul '09
Valve oil is still a better for the valves than water. But oil intend to dry up faster. I'll go with Shawn. Get alot of valve oil and hope for the best. ^.^
Tim Devino Jul '09
You might want to first go and clean/wash out the horn really well with a lead pipe brush/hose thingy and stuff. That way the oil you're putting in is actually being used effectively because it is a clean machine not some dirty gunked up piece of crap that will just absorb the oil into the gunk or something... idk it tends to work best when its clean ok.
shswarhawk Jul '09
spit.. its what i use

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