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MML Video Designer's Series: Recreating Logos

Silverleaf Mar '09

This video was created to use show how to use MML and Ghost It - a tiny freeware application available on the web - together to recreate Logos and Designs within Micro Marching League. Essentially, Ghost It makes the active windows translucent. So when the Designer Window is placed over top, you'll be able to see through MML to the image behind, thus allowing you to adjust the corps members to match the logo's shape.

Tools needed:
1) Image or logo you wish to recreate within MML
2) Open in your favorite Paint program, OR simply right click on logo, choose preview and it will open centered on the screen.
3) Ghost it! available by going to Google and typing in ghost it and choosing the first link entitled : |MG| Ghost-It! 1.04 or follow this link:

NOTE: Windows Vista users
You may have an issue with security blocking the opening of the zipped Ghost it archive. Watch the video to get an explanation to unblock windows security for this tiny free and safe file.

What is Ghost it?
Ghost-It! is a program that runs in the system tray, and lets you turn windows into ghost windows. Ghost windows are very special windows. A ghost window is translucent, meaning you can see through it to whatever is underneath.

Follow the tutorial and soon you'll be recreating your favorite logos for that killer show.

Any questions or comments are certainly welcome. I hope this helps you to improve your designs.


wheathans Mar '09
WOW thanks for posting this. It's very helpful!
Sean Smit Mar '09
Thanks a lot for posting this :D
tellz Mar '09
tellz Mar '09
Sorry for the double post, i had to add on.

This is really amazing, i can't thank you enough. It's great that you are helping out the MML community with these wonderful videos.

This is an awesome edition to the MML Designer's Series. Thanks!
Wade Quinn Mar '09
wait. im lost, can someone explain. iv watched the video but i dont see how its not messing with the game.
Silverleaf Mar '09

All Ghost It does is make your own windows on your own computer translucent - i.e. you can see through them. It in no way affects MML, or anything dealing with the programming here - or on any other external site for that matter. Please watch the video for clarification on this issue.

To reiterate:
The executable ghost it resides on your computer only.


Your comments made the entire process worthwhile, Thanks!

SoMbAaron Mar '09
that's such an awesome idea!
Chris Yashko Mar '09
Wow. Silverleaf you are full of brilliant ideas. You have done a ton for this site just by coming up with these simple, yet profound ideas. Think of all the possibilites...

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