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Signup - SMP - Superior Music Productions: Spring Contest

AlanT 6 days ago
Superior Music Productions is proud to announce our second contest for the spring of 2018. This will be a full drum corps/marching band competition. I will set up divisions based on XP. This is a prelims competition so finalists will be determined based on the turn out of competing groups.

Please Include:
Group Name
Title of show
Link to show

CLASS A: 0-3500 XP
CLASS AA:3501-5500 XP
CLASS AAA:5501-7700 XP
CLASS AAAA:7701- 9000 XP
CLASS AAAAA: 9001 XP or higher.

Judging: 20
Cleanness: 20
Realistic: 20
Theme: 20
Color guard: 20

Total: 100 Possible Points.
Sign ups are due May 14th, 2018 in the evening.
Justin Altrogge 4 days ago
The Marching Murderers
Class AAAAA / 47162xp
sohs 4 days ago
The Stargazers Drum and Bugle Corps
Class AA
Trainz15 2 days ago
The Pride of the North
Class A
Fire & Ice

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