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Signup - DC18 - Dragon Classic II

sohs 24 days ago
Hello and welcome back to the Dragon Classic circuit, or welcome to those of you who are new competitors in this circuit. The Dragon Classic circuit in short has seen much success in participation in the past, and I would love to see even more participation for this competition. This is a full band/corps competition only, meaning no indoor shows or brass blocks will be accepted. Know that submitting a show that has both percussion and windline and no guard, or guard and windline and no percussion or any other combination of the sorts, will result in a zero for the corresponding absent section. Preliminary shows will be due by April 14th, 2018, and Preliminary Awards will be on April 15th, 2018. Best of luck to all competing groups!


What I need from competitors:
- Your band/corps name.
- Your show title.
- Your competing class.
- A link to your show/program.
- Any questions you have for me that I will gladly answer!

i.e -
Stargazers Drum and Bugle Corps
"The Founding"
Class 3A (AAA will also be accepted)


Class System:
Class A: 0-40 Design Rating
Class AA: 40.1-55 Design Rating
Class AAA: 55.1-70 Design Rating
Class AAAA: 70.1+ Design Rating


Preliminary Shows are due by: April 14th, 2018. (04/14/18)
Preliminary Awards tentatively on: April 15th, 2018. (04/15/18) 8:00 PM EST


Judging Rubric:

Visual Effect - 20
Visual Performance - 20
General Effect - 20
Percussion - 15
Windline - 15
Colorguard - 10

Total: 100 Possible Points


Previous Champions:

Dragon Classic I - Cirque du Noir (91.0)
Dragon Classic II - Tiger Pride (94.75)
Dragon Classic III - The Falcons (92.55)
Dragon Classic '18 Premiere - Red Line Regiment (88.805)

doctor12 24 days ago
Red Line Regiment
"Red Moon"
Class AAAA
Aliceinwander 23 days ago
Alien Pride
Class 1A
cap10 23 days ago
Black Star
Class A
"Power Source"
vcamac31 23 days ago
The CaVz
Class 2A
HuhDaMan 21 days ago
Elkhart Redcoats

Class 3A

Baripwn 20 days ago
Taking the field in Class 3A competition, The Bluebois are proud to present their program: "Spring, Sprang, Sprung!"
Spellcone 19 days ago
The Bluecrowns
Class AAA
The seven seas
Jamonbrisb 19 days ago
Pride Marching Band
Class: 4A
" The Blue Planet "
Robi12 16 days ago
Fort Lake Christian Academy
"We Are One"
Class A
tigersrus12 16 days ago
Rainey Tiger Academy
"Red Flag"
Class A
sohs 16 days ago
Excellent amounts of signups so far, remember, the deadline is April 14th!
Some person1 9 days ago
Class AAA

Performing their 2018 program, "La Roca", Dragon Classic is proud to present, Emulation!
Trainz15 8 days ago
The Pride of the North
Class AAA
BJo Marcher 8 days ago
Desert Devils
To Climb a Mountain
Class AAAA
Lina S 7 days ago
Classically United Brigade
In the Military
Class A

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