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Signup - NBCII - New Bound Competition II Prelims

doctor12 18 days ago
Hello everybody and welcome the the second New Bound Comp. Like the first, the same awards, classes, and rules will apply. Each band must be a full corps. I would love to have over 20 or more participating groups in this competition so feel free to let your friends know about the wonderful world of MML. The more the merrier. Lastly, I love competitions but please remember to be respectful of one another and help each other out.

Classes will continue to be placed by your DR.

Class A (0-50)
Class AA (50.01-65)
Class AAA (65.01-75)
Class AAAA (75.01-100)

Awards you can earn in both your class and overall

-Outstanding Design
-Outstanding Visual Ensemble
-Outstanding General Effect
-Outstanding Wind Line
-Outstanding Colorguard
-Outstanding Percussion
-Outstanding Theme
-3rd Place Band
-2nd Place Band
-Class Champion
-Grand Champion

How to sign up?

-Group's Name
-Show Name
-Class and Design Rating at the time
-Show Link

Red Line Regiment
Planet Mars
Class AAA (3A) 69.6 (Don't worry if it changes after you've posted)

Sign ups for prelims end March 23rd and awards will be given that afternoon.

Thank you for signing up and good luck!
Sans8 17 days ago
SansTheMan 17 days ago
Dark Shadows
Rain of Darkness
Class AA 60.1
Some person1 14 days ago
The Bored Knights
Class A 45.7
Prestomagic02 14 days ago
Raging Regiment
The Gardens of Rome
Class AA (62)
SavMan 13 days ago
Class AAA (66.4)
HuhDaMan 11 days ago
With Love
Class AA (54.8)
doctor12 7 days ago
11 Days Left! Please sign up!
tigersrus12 6 days ago
Rainey Tiger Academy
Red Flag
Class A/10.6
Robi12 6 days ago
Fort Lake Christian Academy
Rhythm Of The Night
Class A/5.8
doctor12 2 days ago
One week left to sign up!
sohs 2 days ago
Stargazers Drum and Bugle Corps
"Empyrean Ascent"
Class AAAA (75.2)
BJo Marcher 1 day ago
Desert Devils
Class AAAA (76.2)

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