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Signup - TOC3 - Tournament Of the Champions

Daniel Timofeyev 21 days ago  /  edited 8 days ago
Welcome all to the Third annual Tournament Of Champions!

-Outstanding Visual Effect
-Outstanding General Effect
-Outstanding Winds
-Outstanding Colorguard
-Outstanding Percussion
-Outstanding Theme
-Class Champion
-Grand Champion

Show should Be between 0:45 - 1:45 -----(Penalty of .5 point for every 3 Seconds off)
No use of Rude or Profound Drill -----(Disqualification)

Groups: (broken by Design Rating)
****2 new Classes this year : Scholastic and International class.****
Scholastic Class - 89 - 100
Exhibition Class - 75 - 88
International Class - 60 -74
World Class - 45 - 59
Open Class - 30 - 44
Independent Class - 0 - 29

**You may bump up a class if you want to. But you cannot go lower than the class you're already in**

Sign-ups: January 28 - February 17 (Last Time will be on February 17, 11:55PM PST)
Awards: All Award will Be Post on February 20 time TBA

What I Need:
- Group name
- Rating
- Link to Show
- Name of Show
****Hope to see everyone come on out and participate. Good luck to all!****
doctor12 21 days ago  /  edited 21 days ago
Red Line Regiment
67.8 (International Class)
"Frankenstein's Monster"
sohs 21 days ago
The Stargazers Drum and Bugle Corps
74.8 (International Class)
"Darker Forces"
lasvegasmonkey 20 days ago
Tiki Reserve
69.1 (International Class)
"Mysterious Egypt"
deshawn15 19 days ago
Metro Valdosta Marching Band
51.6 (World Class)
The Functions
BJo Marcher 18 days ago
Desert Devils
~~~ Joy! ~~~
Exhibition Class
Daniel Timofeyev 15 days ago
10 Days Left!
RobTheStars 15 days ago  /  edited 10 days ago
The Charlotte Crusaders
55.9 (World Class)
Under the Sea
Daniel Timofeyev 13 days ago
8 days left!
Hope to see more people!
Daven Mons 11 days ago
The Bastillian Brigade

29.6 [Prior to this show] (Open Class)

Daniel Timofeyev 10 days ago
Less than a week left!
Daven Mons 9 days ago
Sorry for the double post, but bump my class to World Class. I will have passed the border, so I am currently World Class, not Open as I previously stated.
Daniel Timofeyev 8 days ago
Due to a busy week, I will be extending the due date for a show till Feb. 17 Awards will be on Feb 20
RecNarukami 7 days ago
NMltd's Finest: The Symphony
57.2 (World Class)
No One Ever Really Dies...
Movement 1:
Movement 2:
Movement 3:
Movement 4:
Daniel Timofeyev 4 days ago
3 more days left!
Prestomagic02 3 days ago
Raging Regiment
61.4 (international class)
"Wonderful world of shapes"
Daniel Timofeyev 2 days ago
1 day left !
Daniel Timofeyev 1 day ago
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