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Signup - RFT - Regiment Field Tournament

step11 24 days ago  /  edited 23 days ago
Hello everyone and welcome to the Regiment Field Tournament! This tournament will feature full corps only. The shows must have a theme, story line, genre, etc.

1A (0 to 2000 xp)
2A (2000 to 5000 xp)
3A (5000 to 10000 xp)
4A (10000 and above xp)

Scoring Rubric
*General Effect 100 points
- Effective Design (25)
- Attractiveness (25)
- Creativity (25)
- Overall Drill (25)
*Visual 100 points
- Staging (25)
- Fluidity (25)
- Form Clarity (25)
- Transitions (25)
*Color Guard 100 points
- Variety (50)
- Staging (50)
*Percussion 100 points
- Variety (50)
- Staging (50)
*Realism 100 points
-How real does the drill seem?

Please provide the following:
Corps Name
Show Link

Sign Ups
December 30, 2017 to January 6, 2017


Thank you and best of luck.
doctor12 24 days ago  /  edited 24 days ago
Red Line Regiment
Class AA
Preforming "Black Widow"
King Darius 24 days ago
The Tennessee Regiment
Class 4A
"When Light Fades to Gray"
RecNarukami 24 days ago
NMltd.'s Finest: The Symphony
Class A
"No One Ever Really Dies..."
Movement One -
Movement Two -
Movement Three -
Movement Four -
sohs 21 days ago
Class 2A
Presenting in Preliminary Competition: "Somberland"
cjf20 20 days ago
The Royal Crusaders
Class 4A
"Untamed Fire"
deshawn15 18 days ago
Metro Valdosta Marching Band
Class A
"Planets Have Meaning"
The Sound and Pride of Valdosta!
JT Watford 16 days ago
Watford Marching Band
Class AA
Dark Rotations
step11 16 days ago
I have officially started judging your shows! :) Any bands that enroll after this will receive a 10 point deduction of their actual score.
doctor12 12 days ago
When will the results be announced?
jay2 12 days ago
Black Hurricans
Happy Glow
deshawn15 11 days ago
When are the awards going to be announced?
step11 10 days ago
Awards will be Tuesday January 16, 2018 :)

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