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DCI/DCA/SoundSport 2018 Announced Shows

doctor12 Dec '17  /  edited 1 day ago
So everyone is exited about the upcoming season and the new shows being announced. I have made this so that if you know the new show for the 2018 DCI season, just comment the corps and their show so that everyone can see.


2018 shows

Pioneer - Irish Dragon
Troopers - The New Road West
Jersey Surf - Mondo Mondrian
Mandarins - Life Rite After
Cadets - The Conversation
Seattle Cascades - What Goes Around
Crossmen - The In-Between
Boston Crusader - SOS
Oregon Crusaders - Redrum
Madison Scouts - Heart and Soul
Cavaliers - On madness and creativity
Commandantís Own-Marine Drum and Bugle Corps - Furia (exhibition)

Incognito - Neverland
Southwind - The Guitarist
The Battalion - Seeing Red
Watchmen - Altered
River City Rhythm - Each Hour Wounds
7th Regiment - In a Different Light
Vessel - Bloom
Guardians - Damned
Watchmen - Altered
Shadow - The Body Celestial

International class:
Jubal - Vincent, the Beauty of Madness

Kilties - Tales of the Fae
Skyliners - TOTALITY
Governaires - A Wo/Manís World
Minnesota Brass - Between the Lines
Chops - Skyscraper
Fusion Core - When I Grow Up
Reading Buccaneers - Here to There
Sunrisers - Outside In
Hawthorne Caballeros- Dua/el
Connecticut Hurricanes- Clash Atop Olympus


WGI Winds:
Chromium Winds - Spellbound
Jennifer Gordon captainDec '17
Pioneer-Irish Dragons
Jennifer Gordon captainJan '18
Troopers-The New Road West
-Black Parade by MCR
-On the Road Again by Willie Nelson
-Climb Every Mountain by Jamie Foxx and Barbra Streisand
AlanT Jan '18
RobTheStars Feb '18
Cavaliers-Gears in Motion
Jennifer Gordon captainFeb '18
RobTheStars, thatís not the show title. Thatís a fundraising promotion.
RobTheStars Feb '18
Oops, sorry. I'd delete it but you can't so Į_(ツ)_/Į
RobTheStars Feb '18
Really? That's the shrugging guy thing but I can't use some of the characters apparently
Lithium Nitro Feb '18
Mandarins announced on their facebook live their show is "Life Rite After"
doctor12 Feb '18
Thank you
KeenanBurton Feb '18
The working title of The Cadets 2018 is The Conversation: Everyone is talking, no one is listening.

They aren't using the music of Bernstein.
doctor12 Feb '18
Ooh, sounds good. Thanks
Justin Altrogge Feb '18
You have information or a link to why theyíre not using Bernstein? If I remember correctly, they were supposed to have two more seasons of his music.

P.s. sorry if this is a stupid question, I havenít been keeping up with dci news lately.
royalDM Feb '18
@Justin Altrogge im currently watching the live stream. The people that give cadets permission to use Bernstein wouldn't let them do the things they wanted with his music. What they have so far msuic wise is really cool but also im kinda bored with it because what they've said so far was heavily used last season

update: What they have for percussion sounds really cool
doctor12 Feb '18
That's a shame, I would like to hear what they would have done with music from Bernstein, and what music they would have used. I really hope they have a really cool drum break like they did in 2011, though.
FringeHit14 Feb '18
Just a thought, if we get any Crown music that isn't in Bb I'll be happy.
AlanT Feb '18
@Daven, you never know what Crown is going to pull.
doctor12 Feb '18
Same with Blue Coats, they always do something interesting. They give you the title but you still wont know what it will be about.
royalDM Feb '18
@doctor12 and they'll release the title as they're walking onto the field for the premier
Cavaliers Independent Open class "Chromium Winds" just announced their show:


Visit @
royalDM Feb '18
Are we doing DCA in this one too because chops released their show name
doctor12 Feb '18
No not for this one. This is just for DCI world and open class.
Jennifer Gordon captainFeb '18
Go ahead and make it for DCA as well. Itís better and easier to have all Corps in one spot.
doctor12 Feb '18
Oh okay, will do. So which DCA announced their show?
Jennifer Gordon captainFeb '18
Kilties-Tales of the Fae, per their website.

Skyliners-TOTALITY-Everything Changes... , per their website.

Governaires-A Wo/Manís World, per Facebook. I believe this is a working title.

Minnesota Brass-Bewteen the Lines, per their website.
FringeHit14 Feb '18
Iím not sure if the timing of this will change, but DCI has a tourney in Broken Arrow some years, so I may hear a few names before others. Iíll keep you updated.
royalDM Feb '18
They haven't made an official announcement but Chops has been posting a lot of pictures on Facebook that says "Chops 2018 "Skyscraper""
Jennifer Gordon captainFeb '18
Southwind: The Guitarist
The Battalion: Seeing Red

All from posts on DCP by respective corps.
Jennifer Gordon captainFeb '18
Seattle Cascades-What Goes Around
-per their website
Jennifer Gordon captainFeb '18
Commandantís Own-Marine Drum nd Bugle Corps: Furia
-per their Facebook page
-they are an exhibition group with annual performances at DCI Finals
Crossmen drum and bugle corps - the in between
royalDM Mar '18
Boston Crusader SOS per their instagram
Jennifer Gordon captainMar '18
River City Rhythm-Each Hour Wounds
-per their Facebook page.
J Doerr Mar '18  /  edited Mar '18
(asked to take down show title as it hadn't been released yet. It is now released:D)
doctor12 Mar '18
@J Doerr, It has been removed
thesousabone Mar '18
Fusion Core - When I Grow Up...
Jennifer Gordon captainMar '18
7th Regiment-In a Different Light
-per their Twitter page
doctor12 Mar '18  /  edited Mar '18
The newest returning dci corps Vessel Drum corps announced their show "Bloom" on there twitter page a while back, sorry, I forgot to post it.
Joel Snyder Mar '18
Oregon Crusaders 2018: "Redrum"

Source - Facebook
Jennifer Gordon captainMar '18
-via Twitter.
Jennifer Gordon captain17 days ago
Sunrisers (DCA)-Outside In
per their FB page
Jennifer Gordon captain15 days ago
Madison Scouts- Heart and Soul
Per their website
Lithium Nitro 13 days ago
Jubal (Netherlands corps competing in DCI for 2018) "Vincent, the Beauty of Madness"
doctor12 13 days ago
Where would I put Jubal?
Jennifer Gordon captain12 days ago
They're in International class.
doctor12 12 days ago
Thank you.
Jennifer Gordon captain3 days ago
Hawthorne Caballeros- Dua/el
The A and E are really in the same space, it's a take on duality and dueling.
Per their website.

Connecticut Hurricanes- Clash Atop Olympus
Per their website
FringeHit14 2 days ago
Jersey Surf is listed twice.
Daniel Timofeyev 1 day ago
Cavaliers 2018

On madness and creativity

Posted on instagram

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