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Signup - DC17 - Dragon Classic III

sohs 6 days ago
Hello and welcome to the third Dragon Classic! This will be the final DC17 circuit competition, as the DC18 circuit will debut in January. This will be a FULL BAND/CORPS competition, no indoor shows or brass blocks will be accepted. This competition will be a class-based preliminary round, followed by an overall-based finals round. Awards for captions will be given out to all classes, and also given out during the finals round of the competition. I hope to see many entries for this competition, as it is a pleasure to be able to evaluate each and every program submitted. Best of luck to all competitors!

*A new addition this time around, don't want to compete? No problem! Submit your show as an OPEN CLASS group and I will still evaluate your show and give you feedback on your program submitted privately.

**Note: Not competing as an Open Class group does not mean you cannot request full feedback on your submitted show, I will always be open to giving full feedback to any shows submitted.


What I need from competitors:
- Your band/corps name.
- Your show title.
- Your competing class.
- A link to your show/program.
- Any questions you have for me that I will gladly answer!

i.e -
Stargazers Drum and Bugle Corps
"The Founding"
Class 3A (AAA will also be accepted)


Class System:
Class A: 0-30 Design Rating
Class AA: 30.1-50 Design Rating
Class AAA: 50.1-70 Design Rating
Class AAAA: 70.1+ Design Rating
Open Class: Any Design Rating (Non-Competing Class)


Preliminary shows are due by: 12/11/17.
Preliminary awards are tentatively planned for: 12/13/17.


Judging Rubric:

Visual Effect - 20
Visual Performance - 20
General Effect - 20
Percussion - 15
Windline - 15
Colorguard - 10

Total: 100 Possible Points


Best of luck to ALL competing groups!
Lithium Nitro 6 days ago
Académie Noire
"Cirque Du Noir"
Class 4A
ohhmyjesus 6 days ago
The Falcons
Class 4A
jay2 6 days ago
Black Hurricanes
Enterprising Young Men
royalDM 4 days ago
Spectrum Performance Ensemble
RecNarukami 3 days ago
NMltd.'s Finest: TheSymphony
"Peace/Love/Holy Mantra"
Class AA
deshawn15 1 day ago
Metro Valdosta Marching Band
Ways To Freedom
Class: AAA

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