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Signup - DC17 - Dragon Classic III

sohs Nov '17
Hello and welcome to the third Dragon Classic! This will be the final DC17 circuit competition, as the DC18 circuit will debut in January. This will be a FULL BAND/CORPS competition, no indoor shows or brass blocks will be accepted. This competition will be a class-based preliminary round, followed by an overall-based finals round. Awards for captions will be given out to all classes, and also given out during the finals round of the competition. I hope to see many entries for this competition, as it is a pleasure to be able to evaluate each and every program submitted. Best of luck to all competitors!

*A new addition this time around, don't want to compete? No problem! Submit your show as an OPEN CLASS group and I will still evaluate your show and give you feedback on your program submitted privately.

**Note: Not competing as an Open Class group does not mean you cannot request full feedback on your submitted show, I will always be open to giving full feedback to any shows submitted.


What I need from competitors:
- Your band/corps name.
- Your show title.
- Your competing class.
- A link to your show/program.
- Any questions you have for me that I will gladly answer!

i.e -
Stargazers Drum and Bugle Corps
"The Founding"
Class 3A (AAA will also be accepted)


Class System:
Class A: 0-30 Design Rating
Class AA: 30.1-50 Design Rating
Class AAA: 50.1-70 Design Rating
Class AAAA: 70.1+ Design Rating
Open Class: Any Design Rating (Non-Competing Class)


Preliminary shows are due by: 12/11/17.
Preliminary awards are tentatively planned for: 12/13/17.


Judging Rubric:

Visual Effect - 20
Visual Performance - 20
General Effect - 20
Percussion - 15
Windline - 15
Colorguard - 10

Total: 100 Possible Points


Best of luck to ALL competing groups!
Lithium Nitro Nov '17
Académie Noire
"Cirque Du Noir"
Class 4A
ohhmyjesus Nov '17
The Falcons
Class 4A
jay2 Nov '17
Black Hurricanes
Enterprising Young Men
royalDM Nov '17
Spectrum Performance Ensemble
RecNarukami Nov '17  /  edited Nov '17
NMltd.'s Finest: TheSymphony
Class AA
deshawn15 Nov '17
Metro Valdosta Marching Band
Ways To Freedom
Class: AAA
buckleyaj Nov '17
The Cadets of Denver
Enter the Cosmos
Class AAA
Powerof10 Nov '17  /  edited Dec '17
The Clarita Lighters
Class 3A
BJo Marcher Nov '17
Desert Devil Cadets
Night at the Big Top
Class AAAA (4A)
theman4 Nov '17
Cirque du Noir
Conspiracy Theories
Class AAAA
cbeard Nov '17
Paradise Crown
the Blizzard's end
class AAAA
JT Watford Dec '17
Watford Marching Band
Truly Beautiful
Class AAAA
HuhDaMan Dec '17
Elkhart Redcoats


Open Class
sohs Dec '17
A week left to sign up! Would love to see even more competition to have a larger Finals roster!
devonj19 Dec '17
Regiment of the Sound
Class 3A
AlanT Dec '17
Superior Music Productions
Class 4A
sohs Dec '17
Awards will be posted at 12:00 AM (midnight) EST on 12/13/17.

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