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Signup - AOEC - 2017 Thanksgiving Classic

Joel Snyder 12 days ago
Five years ago, I hosted the very first competition of the MMLA circuit! Now the AOEC, we gladly present the 2017 Thanksgiving Classic!

Groups: [You may submit a show for more than one]
World Class (Full Band)
Open Class (Brass Block)
Independent Class (Indoor)

General Effect (40)
Effective Design - 20
Creativity - 20

Visual (30)
Form Clarity - 15
Staging - 15

Color Guard (10)
Variety - 5
Staging - 5

Percussion (10)
Staging - 5
Integration - 5

Theme (10 / 30)
Appeal to Audience - 5 / 15
Creativity - 5 / 15

Best Overall General Effect
Best Visual Performance
Best Color Guard
Best Percussion Performance
Best Theme Presentation

What I Need...
- Group Name
- Classification
- Link
- Questions?

Sign-ups: November 8 - 18
Awards [Tentatively]: November 21
nmarcher13 11 days ago
jay2 11 days ago
How do I signup
Joel Snyder 11 days ago
@ jay2

Just submit the information listed under "What I Need..."
buckleyaj 10 days ago
The Cadets of Denver
"Enter the Cosmos"
World Class
matt46 9 days ago
Purple jacket band
Open class
RecNarukami 9 days ago  /  edited 7 days ago
NMltd.'s Finest: The Symphony
World Class
ohhmyjesus 9 days ago
The Falcons
World Class
Lithium Nitro 7 days ago  /  edited 5 days ago
Académie Noire
Cirque du Noir
World Class
Prestomagic02 7 days ago
Raging Regiment
"In the Sky"
World Class
jay2 6 days ago  /  edited 4 days ago
Open Class
Black Hurricanes
royalDM 4 days ago
Spectrum Performance Ensemble
World Class

Spectrum Indoor
Independant Class
BlueTarHeel52 4 days ago
Blue Spirit
World Class
"Point A to Point B"
vcamac31 2 days ago
The Cavz
World Class
"Holding Hands"
Joel Snyder 1 day ago
Sign-ups have been extended through November 22!
theman4 2 hours ago
Cirque du Noir
World Class
The Sourcerer's Apprentice

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