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Marchers Not Visable

La Francis 20 days ago
Hi, I just upgraded to Premium membership and changed my uniform colors. Hit the update and everything turned into small white dots or not showing up at all. HELP!
La Francis 20 days ago
I'm using google chrome windows 10.0.
Jennifer Gordon captain20 days ago
Have you tried clearing your cookies or a different browser?
La Francis 13 days ago
Cleaned up the cache and cookies. Tried starting a new show. The graphics appear and then disappear from the screen. No marchers, they're just gone. HELP.
Trillz4Lyfe 13 days ago
Try using a different browser like Internet Explorer.
Willie Careri 11 days ago
Please repost this in "Report a Bug" so Joe can see the specs.
Joe Lesko captain8 days ago
Sorry to hear that's happening. I'll add extra days to your sub until we figure it out.

Can you see the marchers in other people's premium shows?
Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Also, as others suggested, please see if the same issue occurs in IE or Firefox. You could also try turning off all Chrome plugins that you might be using (ad blockers, etc)

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